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Eleanor A Laughlin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
School of Art + Art History/Art History

Eleanor A. Laughlin received her master’s degree from Harvard University and her PhD from the University of Florida as a recipient of the UF Alumni Fellowship.  While completing her graduate studies she was also awarded the Richard E. Greenleaf Long-term Visiting Scholar Fellowship from the University of New Mexico and the Latin American Studies Teaching Award as well as the Dissertation Award from the University of Florida.

Dr. Laughlin specializes in the art of Modern Europe and Latin America, particularly the politics of representation in multi-cultural contexts. Her research focuses on social roles created for and by subjects using representational strategies such as allegory, portraiture, and costume in the late colonial and post-colonial periods. Her dissertation investigated carte-de-visite photographic portraits of Maximilian von Habsburg taken during the rise and fall of Mexico’s Second Empire (1864-67). Dr. Laughlin’s book project examines carte-de-visite photographs of Maximilian after his execution, arguing that the images fit into the visual vocabulary surrounding the execution of Christ and suggests alternative functions for the photographs. Her research interests include further intersections between faith and visual culture in Mexico as well as representations of women in public spaces.

Dr. Laughlin has extensive prior experience in cultural resource management, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, which have informed both her research and her pedagogical approach in the courses she teaches.


ARH 2051 Introduction to the Survey of Western Art, Part Two: Renaissance to Modern

ARH 2500 History of Non-Western Art

ARH 2930 History of Mexican Art

ARH 3413 Beginnings of Modernism

ARH 4710 History of Photography

ARH 4930 History of 19th Century Photography

ARH 4930/LAS 4935 Castas, Costumbrismo, and Self-fashioning in Latin America

ARH 4930/LAS 4935 Dress in Latin America

IUF 1000 What is the Good Life?

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