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In the Loop

Collage of artwork by David Meadows, Deja Belardo, Tamara Torres, Darmon Davis, and Julia Justo. [Image description. Top left: Painting of young black girl sitting on a bench reading a book with a black woman on the cover. Work by David Meadows. Bottom left: Painting of black man wearing a beanie looking off to his right. Work by Deja Belardo. Top middle: 'Remember' by Tamara Torres. Collage of black man kneeling with a fist in the air. Uncle Sam's hand is covering the man's mouth. The background is a collage of American flag pieces and police tape. Names like 'Sandra Bland,' 'Alton Sterling,' and 'Michael Brown' appear in the background. Bottom middle: 'All Hands On Deck' by Darmon Davis. Black and white photographs of hands raised in the air hang off an awning. Top right: Photograph by Julia Justo of protestors carrying poster art of George Floyd's headshot. Bottom right: 'I am: Already Exalted' by Deja Belardo. Painting of artist’s mom, pregnant with artist. The mother has a saint halo around her head. Words read ‘Was born of a black woman. I have the gift of God.’

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