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George (Nick) Heitzman
Lecturer in Digital Arts & Sciences
Digital Worlds Institute/Game Development

Nick Heitzman has been developing video game art for over twenty years. He began his game career after transitioning from creating environment background panels for popular manga in Japan, to working at SEGA Enterprises during the creation of Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, and other games that defined the 3D arcade era. Nick's career in games continued over the years with titles like Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, EverQuest Online Adventures, Dungeon Siege II, Supreme Commander, and many more.

Along with opportunities to work with so many amazing developers while in the game industry, Nick has been able to pay it forward as faculty for The Guildhall at SMU for seven years, working with student developers and teams helping to seed the industry with highly skilled artists, designers, programmers, and producers now working in hundreds of game development studios throughout the world. Nick continues sharing his skills and knowledge as part of the incredibly talented University of Florida Digital Worlds program team.

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