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Jose V Ruiz-Resto
Assistant Professor
School of Music/Co-Chair of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Career Planning at the UF College of The Arts; Head & Inaugural Professor of Music Business & Entrepreneurship at the UF School of Music | Courses: Digital Musicianship & Production, Social Impact of Music Entrepreneurs, Strategic Music Entrepreneurship Development, Foundations of Music Business, Music Production in Commercial Media, & Multimedia Production for the Music Industry

Considered by many to be one of the most trailblazing multi-hyphenates of his generation, Dr. José Valentino Ruiz is an expert in music & media, television, global outreach & community development, and education industries. To date and within five continents, Dr. Ruiz has performed 1400+ concerts (i.e., regularly hired as a headliner for commercial, jazz, classical, and global music styles); produced 90+ albums and 30+ singles; produced 30 nationally-televised film scores & jingles; keynoted empirical research presentations at 50+ universities; and facilitated 40+ mission trips in partnership with numerous organizations (i.e., Boundless Global, World Relief, among others). His artistry and scholarship have been featured nationally and internationally in the USA Today, Billboard, Yahoo!, ESPN, PBS, Fox, CBS, ABC, Univision, Telemundo, and NBC, to name a few.

Distinctions in Arts Entrepreneurship in Professional Practice and Research:

Dr. Ruiz is an EMMY® Award Winning music producer and saxophonist (i.e.: 2018 Best Cultural Documentary); GRAMMY® Award Winning composer and flutist (i.e.: 2020 Best Contemporary Classical Composition); GRAMMY® Award Winning album audio engineer and flutist (i.e.: 2019 Best Christian Album in Spanish Language); GRAMMY® Award Nominated artist, composer, producer, and audio engineer (i.e.: 2015 Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album); GRAMMY® Award Nominated album producer and mastering engineer, and arranger (i.e.: 2016 Best Instrumental Album); a 53-time DOWNBEAT® Music Award Winning performer, engineer, bandleader, and audio engineer (i.e.: Dr. Ruiz is the record holder; categories include Jazz Soloist, Small Jazz Group, Blues/Pop/Rock Soloist, Blues/Pop/Rock Group, Latin Group, Studio Engineered Recording, Live Engineered Recording, & Classical Soloist); AVA Digital® Award Winning (Gold Medal) lead music producer, supervisor of music and audio production, and mastering engineer (i.e.: 2021 Best Music Video). Fast Company's 2022 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies  (category: video) -- Recipient is the company, Hayden5, for which Dr. Ruiz is Resident Media Composer.

Moreover, Dr. Ruiz is a 3-time Global Music® Award Winning album producer, featured artist, mixing engineer, & record label executive (i.e.: 2018 Meditation Album, 2018 Album of the Year, & 2022 Nuevor Flamenco Album); 2022 International Commissioned Composer® for the Guitar Foundation of America International Mentorship Program; 2017 Parents' Choice® Award Winning Gold Medal Album musician and audio engineer (i.e.: 2017 Best Children's Album); 2021 UF Preeminence Term Professor Nominee (16 out of approximately 5000 professors);  a JRME National Doctoral Dissertation Award finalist; 5-time UK Music Industry® Award Winner (i.e.: Best Instrumental Product); 2019 Society of Arts Entrepreneurship Research Impact Award Nominee, 2021 Hillsborough County Commendation (Tampa Bay) recipient for Excellence in Cultural Entrepreneurship; 2021 USF Outstanding Young Alumni® Award Winner (6 of 100k alumni); 2019 Big Easy Entertainment® Award Winning featured flute and saxophone artist, producer, and audio engineer (i.e., Best World Music Album); 2006 Yamaha Young Performing Artist® Award Winner (Flute); 2017 For Bass Players Only® Magazine Featured Artist of November, among other awards and recognitions.

Leadership Roles in Business & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education:

  1. Co-Chair of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Career Preparation at the College of the Arts at the University of Florida (2021 - Present)
  2. Head & Inaugural Professor of Music Business & Entrepreneurship at the School of Music at the University of Florida (2019 - Present)
    • UF Music Business & Entrepreneurship Program developed by Dr. Ruiz: Click  HERE.
  3. Affiliate Professor at the UF Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship; UF Center of Latin American Studies; UF Center of African Studies (2020 - Present)

Continuining Entrepreneurial Joint-Ventures:

  1. Founder, CEO, & Producer at JV Music Enterprises (2006 - Present) --- Dr. Ruiz's label that has garnered many of the acclaims listed above.
  2. Resident Composer/Music Producer at Hayden 5(2010 - Present) --- A Top 10 media production company in the world.
  3. Director of Global Entrepreneurship Initiatives for the Diaz Music Institute 501C3(2017 - Present) --- One of U.S.A.'s best music education centers for underserved students.
  4. Global Ambassador for Worldwind Music UK Co. Ltd. (2010 - Present) --- No. 1 Music Merchant for Flutes and Saxophones in parts of Europe, Asia, & U.S.A.

Research and Creative Activities:

To uncover best practices for teaching, facilitating, and engaging in arts entrepreneurial endeavors to foster 1) arts enterprise scalability and leverage (i.e., music & media production, and performances); 2) multi-level societal amelioration (i.e. cultural empathy and health awareness); and 3) functional and sustainable Post-COVID multimodal businesses (i.e., digital and physical economies).

Dr. Ruiz serves as an Editorial Board Member for a flagship journal, Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts. His research studies have been published in the International Journal of Community Music, Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education (in press), Journal of Popular Music Education, The Conversation, and National Association for Music Education, and Kansas Music Review. Research presentations and keynotes have been delivered at the International Society of Music Education, Jazz Education Network International Conference, International Jazz and Entrepreneurship Camp, Global Music Production and Entrepreneurship Summit, Society of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, National Association for Music Education, CAME Arts Entrepreneurship + Covid Era Keynote Speaker, Guitar Foundations of America International Conference, University Research Magazine Association Conference, Florida Music Education Association, Texas Music Education Association, The Midwest Clinic, National Association for Music Merchants, National Flute Association, Society of Musicology, and many more.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Music, concentration in Music Education. Cognates in Performance, Production, and Pedagogy.
  • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Global Outreach. Concentration in Missiology and Ethnodoxology.
  • Master of Music (M.M.) in Instrumental Performance. Concentration in Classical and Studio Music/Jazz.
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music Studies. Concentration in Music Theory.

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  • Spotify Artist Page for Solo Albums: Click HERE.
  • Official Website: Click HERE.
  • Instagram Artist Page: Click HERE.
  • LinkedIn: Click HERE.
  • Email: jruiz@arts.ufl.edu.
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