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Kyle Selley
Graduate Assistant
School of Art + Art History/Sculpture, Ceramics

Kyle Selley (b. 1992) is a Kansas City-born artist best known for his Firework Residue Paintings, exploring ideas surrounding nostalgia, spirituality, and the sublime. A seven-page showcase article in KC Studio Magazine describes his flatwork as "amorphous and suggestive of infinite space." Selley works playfully and intuitively as he guides fireworks toward an expressive composition and archives the results. His abstract visual language often explores an inner spiritual landscape.

Selley's Firework Art utilizes mediums such as videography, digital imagery, performance, ceramics, and works on paper, canvas, and plexiglass. His work set a new precedent in artistic techniques incorporating firework residue. Selley has been nourishing a relationship with fireworks since early childhood, using them creatively and experimentally long before beginning to create fine art.

Several institutions have endorsed his work, including nine solo shows, four duo exhibitions, and over two-dozen group exhibitions. SNW Gallery and Leawood Fine Art Gallery currently represent Selley. Dominator Fireworks in Beijing, China, sponsors him. Selley graduated from Johnson County Community College with an Associate of Arts degree, studied sculpture and ceramics at the University of Tasmania, and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Florida. 

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