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Katerie H Gladdys
Associate Professor
School of Art + Art History/Art + Technology

I employ a variety of tactics to apprehend my surroundings. Personal narrative is important as a way to relate an experience and to establish my role as a participant in the work. Storytelling also allows me to engage the audience in a familiar modality providing an entrance into the more abstract aspects of my practice. I enjoy, too, feeling and examining the tangible manifestations of networks. Networked information enables me to easily investigate immense quantities of seemingly unrelated information. As part of my process I co-mingle visual, textual, and media information from a variety of sources to engineer hybrids that reveal relationships previously unknown or overlooked.

Technology promises simultaneity and permits me to immerse the viewer in the moment of the story in my installations. In my quest to make work that recalls memory and experience, technology affords me a non-linearity in sensory input, which at the same time can be framed by the linear-ness of a story. New technologies allow me to externalize ideas by manipulating images, music, video, and text in real time mirroring the process of how I think and explore. 

My work seeks to transform mapped landscapes and familiar interactions into alternative geographies that transform how we experience a known place, space, and dynamic. As I transmit my own sense of wonder in the familiar, I seek to encourage others to look more closely at what constitutes their everyday existence.

Katerie Gladdys hold a BA in Art and Design with a concentration in sculpture from University of Chicago, a MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and an MFA in Narrative Media from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Recent honors include a Human Dimensions of Environmental Science Fellowship and a Brody Grant at UIUC. An Illinois Arts Council grant allowed her to do research in Indonesia. She has taught in Pakistan and Japan as well as the US.  

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