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Darius D Brown
Lecturer in Digital Arts & Sciences
Digital Worlds Institute/Motion Design, Cinematography, Virtual Production, Audio Design,

Darius Brown is a multimedia specialist in video production and motion design. He joined Digital Worlds in 2013 as a graduate student and research assistant, earning his MA in 2015. Transitioning to a full-time role as a Digital Media Producer, he now serves as a Lecturer at Digital Worlds Institute, mentoring students and fostering their academic and extracurricular endeavors in higher education. He primarily focuses on industry partnerships and community engagement initiatives. During his time as a lecturer, he has undertaken various production projects for departments and organizations within and beyond UF, concentrating on advancing digital artistry in design and virtual production.

Darius merges motion design with video production, leveraging animated graphics and visual effects in his pursuits. His exploration in video production includes filming live performances, totaling over 150. In addition to his visual work, Darius delves into sound production, having composed over 50 songs and soundtracks for videos. He also engages in sound design and voiceover production, having published two instrumental studio albums and harboring aspirations for future musical endeavors.

Thriving in collaborative settings, Darius values teamwork and actively supports the success of students, colleagues, industry partners, and clients. His enthusiasm for partnerships aligns with his belief in the symbiotic potential between other departments and colleges. His courses are student-driven interdisciplinary production collectives that facilitate real-world experiences, honing digital media skills and addressing industry-identified communication gaps among emerging professionals.

His commitment lies in sharing his knowledge and experiences while continually pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling, eagerly anticipating the future of virtual production."

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