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Peter T Haring
IT Director
Dean's Office/College IT services liaison

As the Director of Information Services for the College of the Arts, my goal is to provide quality technology resources and services for our faculty and staff using the resources provided. I supply technological assistance, as well as manage the underlying services that make IT ‘work’. I act as the college technology consultant providing information, resources, advice, and price quotations. I am responsible for approving technology purchases for our college, as well as managing the technology budget appropriation.

I serve as the liaison between the college and contracted service providers. Some of the services I manage for the college are:

EI&O/CNS (Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations, Computing and network Services)
TSS (Technology Support Services - formerly known as AP-IT - Associate Provost Information Technology)
OSG (Open Systems Group, Hosting services)
NetIRT (Network Incident Response Team)
MAG (Microsoft Application Group-formerly the UF Exchange Team)
UFAD (University of Florida Active Directory)

In addition, I provide support, management, and maintenance for UF Exchange, and coordinate and administer the asset management program. This program includes receiving and tracking new equipment, surveying old equipment, as well as evaluating current equipment for recycling feasibility or re-deployment where possible.

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Room #114
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Mon - Fri
7:00am to 3:00pm
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P.O. Box 115800
Gainesville, Fl 32611

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