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Kyle M Bohunicky
Assistant Professor
Digital Worlds Institute/Digital Arts & Sciences

Kyle Bohunicky is an assistant professor at the University of Florida’s Digital Worlds Institute. His work focuses on production and performance for live streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer with an emphasis on the potential for using live streaming and mixed reality (augmented reality + virtual reality) to support democratic engagement with and critical interventions into culture, art, and research. As Co-Founder, Producer, and Lead Content Developer on Looking for Good, he invites artists and researchers into a live-stream environment to play games and spread awareness about critical issues concerning culture, society, and technology through an interactive audience-driven experience. He also explores digital games as engines and platforms for creating art through play, and he is interested in the long history of play as a technique for authoring strange and provocative forms of media. His forthcoming digital performances include "What Remains (Gotta Go Last!): A Playthrough of Waste in Sonic 2" and "Bleeding Edges: Splicing the Interface Between Game and Image," both of which are inspired by a mix of queer theory, critical play studies, cultural studies, digital game studies, and digital rhetoric. His writing has appeared in journals including Press Start, Widerscreen, Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment and chapters in Computer Games and Technical Communication, Doing Visual Studies: One Image, Multiple Methodologies, 100 Greatest Video Game Characters, and Game Criticism.

You can find Kyle's streaming and recorded content at:

Looking for Good:

Stream of Consciousness:

Kyle's favorite game is Ecco the Dolphin.

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