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Wenbin Guo
Post-Doctoral Associate
Digital Worlds Institute/AR/VR, Machine Learning, Wearable and Mobile App

Wenbin Guo is a Postdoc Associate at UF Digital Worlds Institute. He collaborates with an interdisciplinary team from Digital Worlds Institute, the Center of Arts in Medicine, and the Center for the Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship to automate analysis and annotation of human motion using artificial intelligence. He builds and runs deep learning algorithms on existing human datasets of video and skeletal sequences. He also has extensive experience in AI systems development and image segmentation in ultrasound images using UF HiPerGator. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering along with a Master of Computer Science at the University of Missouri. As an independent researcher, much of his focus has been on AR/VR, human-computer interaction, healthcare, and machine learning. He developed an advanced location-based augmented reality learning environment. He was motivated to improve personnel performance in the healthcare system. He also developed a serverless conversational survey platform AI chatbot helping non-technical persons to build and deploy customized surveys using conversations.

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Norman Gym
Room #119
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