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Ryan J Helterhoff
Strategic Communications Intern

Ryan Helterhoff is currently a Communications Intern at the College of the Arts. As a Telecommunication student at the UF College of Journalism and Communications, he is developing skills in visual production, strategic communication, and business. As an intern at the College of the Arts, Ryan crafts compelling stories, creates intriguing projects, and develops engaging social media content for the college. As an adaptive learner, he finds ways to communicate both creatively and effectively in order to present a clear message to his audience.

As an avid consumer of media, Ryan's ability to craft engaging content for a multitude of audiences is continuously influenced by his consumption of diverse media and film. This creative influence allows him to engage with a diverse audience effectively.

Outside of his internship and classwork, Ryan enjoys watching movies, traveling to far-away places, and taking care of his cat. 

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