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Faculty & Staff Directory
Marissa C Secades
Dean's Office Graduate Assistant
Dean's Office/Mass Communication, Theater

Marissa Secades is excited to be joining the Communications team for the College of the Arts as the Strategic Communications Graduate Assistant this spring.  

Thus far, her collegiate career has been driven by my passion for innovative storytelling and the artistic modes of expression I am interested in utilizing - writing, photography, video production and social media marketing. This drive led her to pursue dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in General Theatre and English at the University of Florida (Spring 2018). She centered her studies towards developing her professional skills in production and performance for both film and stage content - giving her a unique vantage point with her experiences as an actor, director, writer and spectator. She has held numerous internships focusing on arts administration in which her knowledge of the arts from a communications standpoint has expanded significantly. 

As someone who loves to learn and challenge herself, she is currently completing her graduate studies at University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications. Following graduation (Spring 2020), she plans to pursue a career in the arts as a social media specialist with the writing, digital media and strategic communications skills she has been developing through the University of Florida’s graduate Mass Communication program.