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Andrew Babcock
Visiting Assistant Professor
School of Music/Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Embodied Music Cognition

Andrew Babcock is an electroacoustic composer and scholar based in Gainesville, Florida. He received a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Florida, an M.A in music composition from the University at Buffalo, and a B.A in music from Hamilton College. Prior to his graduate studies, Andrew worked in New York City as a composer, sound designer, and recording engineer for television and film. Currently, his research centers on the transmission and perception of vocality in the electroacoustic medium and its relationship to intersubjective listening in our everyday environments. His works have received several international prizes and honors, including CICEM (Monaco, 2016), Città di Udine (Italy, 2016), Metamorphoses (Belgium, 2012), Música Viva (Portugal, 2015), Prix Destellos (Argentina, 2015), Prix Russolo (France, 2017), SCI/ASCAP (United States, 2016), ASCAP/SEAMUS (United States, 2017), SIME (France, 2018), and Sound in Space (United States, 2011). Andrew’s work is available on the ICMA, Musique & Recherches, SEAMUS, and Taukay Edizioni Musicali labels.

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