Friends in the Field

Are you working at the intersections of arts and health?

Do you want to connect with the next generation of arts in health practictioners?


The UF Center for Arts in Medicine invites you to be a part of our new Friends in the Field engagement program. This program will connect our current graduate students with subject matter experts working in arts in health across the nation. 

The Friends in the Field program will foster relationships between students and friends based on shared interests, disciplines, and geography, resulting in increases in student engagement, student retention in the field post-graduation through employment, field engagement with the Center, and increased connections among the field at large. 

Friends are asked to connect with one student per semester for a 30-minute informal, informational interview. As our list of Friends grows, you may or may not be matched with a student each semester. Friends and students will be matched through a survey process by our Field Engagement Liaison, who will then connect them via email. We ask that Friends reply to the connection email within a week of receipt to arrange a time and date for the meeting.  

Students will prepare questions and conversation topics for the meeting in advance. Each student may have a unique goal for their conversation with their Friend. No further engagement is required, but we are hopeful that these conversations lead to meaningful and long-term connections. 

To become a Friend in the Field, please take the first step of completing our matching survey here