Graduate Student Research Award


The College of the Arts recognizes that travel to conferences, symposia, and research/creative opportunities are essential for the professional development of graduate students. We also recognize that COVID-19 poses a significant challenge for graduate student research travel for the foreseeable future. As such, this year the College of the Arts is broadening allowable graduate research expenses, and encourages applications for this award that cover a variety of graduate research support needs.

Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Consumable research supplies and materials
  • Registrations for conferences, symposia, performances, exhibitions, and other professional research gatherings (please note that opportunities where an applicant is presenting, exhibiting, or performing are given priority)
  • Licensing fees for sheet music, image fees for publications, etc. 
  • Research travel (please note that it must be deamed essential travel and requires additional approvals prior to travel)

Unallowable expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Technological expenses like computers, tablets, phones, etc. 
  • Furniture
  • Any other permanent physical assets

If you are unsure that your potential research expenses qualify please email

When completing the application for non-travel related applications, please utilize the space called "Other," as well as the "Expense Notes" text box. Please also feel free to attach specific screen shots of items or possible expenditures. If your funding application is awarded you will receive an automatically generated "TA," or travel authorization, even if you are not applying for travel funds. That is a result of this application system being built on top of a travel system and, given the nature of this academic year, we are utilizing it for a broader array of expenditure applications.

Please note that each academic unit may have additional criteria and procedures for the awarding of departmental and unit funding. All award applications and travel authorizations must be made prior to travel, and the College of the Arts and its constituent academic units cannot provide any retroactive reimbursements. 

To begin the award application please click here