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Spring 2018
Kathryn Clark

Kathryn Clark is a third-year Neuroscience and Anthropology Double Major at UF. She studied piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music prior to starting at UF. Kathryn became interested in carillon after learning from friends that non-music students could audition for the studio. Outside of class she is heavily involved with UF’s Neuroscience Club as well as being a CLAS ambassador and president of the German Language Club. Beyond school, Kathryn also volunteers at the Alachua County Crisis Center as a phone counselor for a local branch of the National Suicide Hotline.

Spring 2018
Danny Baker

Danny Baker is a 4th year Civil Engineering major. This is his first semester in the carillon studio, having joined after learning about it from Becca Kiriazes. He has been playing piano for the past 9 years and his favorite pieces of music to play are from movies, television shows, and games. His notable accomplishments include being an okay guy and winning 1st place at a local Game of Thrones trivia night.

Spring 2018
Katie Boole

Katie Boole is a first-year marine science student at the University of Florida. After hearing the daily recitals in the fall, she became intrigued by the carillon and decided to audition for the studio. Her musical background includes piano, flute, and handbells. In her spare time, Katie enjoys volunteering at the Florida Museum of Natural History, where she assists in the collections and serves as an exhibit docent. She also loves spending time reading, hiking, and kayaking.

Spring 2018
Wade FitzGerald

Wade is currently in his third year as a double major in Music and Biology. He first heard a carillon at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, and joined the carillon studio at UF when he found out it was offered as a class. Although his principal instrument is the piano, he enjoys playing the bells, giving tours after recitals, and arranging music for the carillon. Outside of class, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, catching snakes, and photography. He is also Vice President of Florida Trailgators, a club which organizes nature hikes and trail runs in the Gainesville area. 

Spring 2018
Paige Harris

Paige Harris is a third year linguistics major here at UF, and Fall 2017 is her third semester in the Carillon Studio. Her musical background includes piano, percussion, flute, and chorale singing, and she loves the challenge of learning a new instrument. Paige’s passions lie with education, politics, and the UF Honors Program, and she hopes to combine all three to work in higher education administration someday. You can find Paige cheering on the Gators at football games, eating Krishna lunch, at Dunkin Donuts sometime between 3-6pm, or just hanging out with friends and taking photos of our beautiful campus. She’d like to thank her friends and family for their constant support and love!

Spring 2018
Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth Parker is a second year electrical engineering student.  After hearing about the similarities between the carillon and the piano, and listening to the music that was heard by thousands of UF students on campus, she auditioned for the class at the beginning of the fall semester.  Her musical background includes piano and guitar, as well as singing songs from many musicals.  Elizabeth is involved in the UF Navigators, a campus ministry and leads a bible study with them.  She is also very active in her housing organization, the Cooperative Living Organization (CLO), which is an affordable student co-op.  She loves to read, watch football games, and hang out with her friends.

Spring 2018
Becca Kiriazes

Becca is a fourth year civil engineer at the University of Florida. This is her second semester as a part of the carillon studio. After enjoying her older sister's carillon concerts, she couldn't resist being a part of the UF tradition. When Becca isn't climbing up century tower, you can catch her in steel-toed boots as she designs, builds, and races concrete canoes.

Spring 2018
John Kemmerer

John Kemmerer is a second year material science student. This is his second semester with the studio and his musical background comes from piano. John found out about the carillon studio after reading about it online and immediately became interested. Outside of class, he enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to a copious amount of music and reading.

Spring 2018
Jack Kiriazes

Jack is a second-year civil engineering student at the University of Florida. In Jack’s second semester he played tuba in the UF concert band, for his second year he decided to follow the family tradition, set by his older sisters Anna and Becca, of being a UF carillonneur. Many nights of the week Jack can be found devouring a Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse with his family or ordering Papa John’s for a study party with friends.

Spring 2018
Adam Kelley

Adam is starting his fourth year of the mechanical engineering program here at the University of Florida. As of Fall 2017, he will be in his third year of playing carillon after hearing the bells playing one fall afternoon. When not practicing or playing up in the tower, Adam enjoys playing the piano both for fun and for the choir at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, as well as reading and like most engineering students, studying. He looks forward to this upcoming year of playing and hopes to see you all at the monthly concerts!

Spring 2018
Melissa Likamwa

Melissa Likamwa is a fourth year music education student. After attending a concert and hearing many of the daily recitals in the fall of her freshman year, she was excited by the opportunity to audition for the amazing carillon in the spring. Her musical background includes playing the violin, piano, and, to a much lesser extent, pipe organ. She also plays the violin with the choir at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Gainesville, and is a member of the UF Symphony Orchestra. However, after switching majors to music education, and currently being in her sixth semester of studio, her principal instrument is the carillon.

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