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Spring 2020
Ryan Childress

Ryan is a Senior majoring in physics and philosophy. This is his fourth semester in the Carillon Studio and he joined after finding out about it from a friend. Ryan migrated to the carillon from 12 years of piano experience. When not playing the carillon, he likes to read Stephen King novels and watch Disney movies. After he graduates this semester, Ryan will be attending law school at the University of Florida. 

Spring 2020
Sydney Yu

Sydney is a second-year student majoring electrical engineering and biochemistry. This is her second semester in the studio, which she auditioned for after her piano teacher encouraged her to continue with music in college. Outside of class and carillon, she can be found in her research lab running experiments, volunteering with UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine, or stress baking with friends at 2 AM. 

Spring 2020
Lauren Bradley

Lauren is a second-year student majoring in environmental science. This is her first semester in the studio. Lauren joined the carillon studio because, after having taken piano lessons for 11 years and band for 7, she missed having music as a part of her life when she got to college. Outside of class, Lauren enjoys volunteering at Shands Hospital, being involved in undergraduate research, and serving as the Recruitment Coordinator for Epsilon Sigma Alpha, a co-ed community service fraternity here at UF.

Spring 2020
Mitchell Hammack

Mitchell is currently is a third year computer science student. This is his second semester in the studio and his background in music comes from the  piano. He learned about the carillon studio through being family friends with the Kiriazes. His favorite part about the carillon is being able to play music for the whole campus to hear. When not studying you can find him playing different intramural sports, working on research projects, or just hanging out with friends.

Spring 2020
Carlos Colón-Ortiz

Carlos Colón-Ortiz is a third year Engineer student at the University of Florida. He learned about the Carillon Studio through friends while trying to find a handbell choir on campus. His musical background is on piano and handbells. He enjoys being involved in community service through his Church community and Collegiate 4-H organizations, and volunteering in research projects in the Engineering department. His favorite part about Carillon is the wide musical influence of the instrument in the college community. Currently, he is working on a project to make arrangements of traditional musical genres from his homeland to the Carillon.

Spring 2020
Katie Boole

Katie Boole is a third-year biology student at the University of Florida. This is her fourth semester in the studio, having stumbled upon it while in search of a handbell choir. Her musical background includes piano, flute, and handbells. In her spare time, Katie enjoys volunteering in the Ichthyology Collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History and serving as the High School Team Leader for MentorGNV, an organization that pairs university students with mentees at Alachua County schools.

Spring 2020
John Kemmerer

John Kemmerer is a third year material science student. This is his third semester with the studio and his musical background comes from piano. John found out about the carillon studio after reading about it online and immediately became interested. Outside of class, he enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to a copious amount of music and reading.

Spring 2020
Jack Kiriazes

Jack is a fourth-year civil engineering student at the University of Florida. In Jack’s second semester he played tuba in the UF concert band, for his second year he decided to follow the family tradition, set by his older sisters Anna and Becca, of being a UF carillonneur. Many nights of the week Jack can be found devouring a Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse with his family or ordering Papa John’s for a study party with friends.

Spring 2020
Kiko Labayen

Bio will be coming soon . . . 

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