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Per guidance from the University of Florida and UF Health, masks are expected to be worn at all times when inside any UF facility and when attending any indoor UF events, even if you are vaccinated. If attending one of our events, please bring your mask.

Depending on the circumstances of the performance, performers may be unmasked at times.

Where copyright and licensing agreements allow, recordings of most School of Music performances will be posted to our School of Music MediaSite page within a few days after the live performance.

In the interest of safety for you and for all in our cherished musical community, you are urged to get vaccinated! 


2021-2022 Calendar of Events 

Friday, October 15, 12:50PM -- Pipe Organ Demonstration.
Friday, October 29, 7:20PM -- our annual Halloween Spooktacular! Here's a preview.

Monday, November 5, 7:20PM -- Organ Studio Recital. 
Monday, November 15, 7:20PM -- Dr. Ellis performs with the New Music Ensemble.
Thursday, November 18, 7:20PM -- Dr. Ellis performs with the UF Orchestra. 

Spring Events
Tuesday, January 18, 7:20PM -- Laura Ellis faculty recital, with guest performer Dr. Jemmie Robertson (trombone). 
Saturday, March 26, 1:55PM -- Pipe Organ Demonstration.
Friday, April 8, 7:20PM -- Organ Studio Recital. 

May 1-3, 2022 -- "Inspiring Worship" - UF's 14th Annual Sacred Music Workshop.

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