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World House Concerto
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MVT I.  A Voice from the Wilderness The Trumpet Soloist enters quietly from the back of the hall introducing the folk-like melody of the World House theme while the choir and orchestra gradually crescendo, seemingly oblivious to the Soloist's offering.

MVT 2. One Human Race  (attaca) The Trumpet delivers a strong and compelling musical statements, and eventually the orchestral community joins.   

MVT 3. A Message of Love  A soulful passage that joins the community in a shared vision that forms the lyrical heart of the entire symphonic score. 

MVT 4. One Human Dream The Solo Trumpet gradually builds to a signature cadenza before the orchestra rejoins in a dynamic and emphatic exclamation.

MVT 5. A Voice from the Promised Land (attaca) The Trumpet Soloist is totally overshadowed by the din of self-interests in the larger ensembles, and leaves while still offering the World House theme. As the din subsides to the quiet strains of Dr. King’s favorite spiritual, the Solo Trumpet can still be heard far backstage, bringing a message of Peace.

Songs from The World House Derived from musical themes of the symphonic “World House Concerto” these three songs are meant to be performed by school, community and professional ensembles as part of the pre-concert outreach before the orchestral concerts.  The performances below are by ensembles of diverse ages and musical heritage.

World Wide House (Morehouse College Glee Club)

One Human Dream
The Morehouse College Glee Club gives the World Premiere performance of "One Human Dream" from "Songs from the World House", by American composer James Oliverio (ASCAP).

Sheet Music One Human Dream.pdf

A Message of Love
The Morehouse College Glee Club gives the World Premiere performance of "A Message Of Love" from "Songs from the World House" by James Oliverio (ASCAP).

Sheet Music A Message of Love.pdf

A World Wide House
Various vocal ensembles give their own renditions of “A World Wide House”, based on the main musical theme from “Trumpet Concerto #1: World House”.

Sheet Music
Melody-Only (8.5x11)
Melody-Chords (8.5x11)
Melody-Chords (11x17)

World Wide House (Young Adult Beat)

World Wide House (Adult Choir)    

World Wide House (Kids)