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Arts In Medicine: Online Graduate Program

You can use the arts to humanize healthcare and promote wellness in your community; discover how your art can make a difference.

Creating a Healthier World Through the Arts

The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, with its distinguished history as an academic leader within the field of arts in health, is proud to offer online programs to help artists of every discipline, along with healthcare professionals, and administrators successfully incorporate the arts into health-related practices and settings.

Our students use the arts to enhance health and develop meaningful, fulfilling careers in the rapidly expanding field of arts in health.

In an effort to create a more patient-centered, individualized healthcare environment, medical professionals are exploring new approaches that go beyond clinical treatment. Over the last three decades, hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world have begun to recognize the benefits of creating meaningful artistic experiences for their patients, family members, and staff. 

In Florida alone, there are 107 arts in health programs, and that number is growing.

A survey conducted from 2016-2017 mapped and surveyed 107 arts in health programs in the state of Florida, and this number has been growing over the past decade. In fact, in a 2009 survey, 56% of healthcare organizations sampled reported dedicating a portion of their operating budget to the support of arts programs to enhance patient care. Since then more and more hospitals and healthcare providers are offering arts programs—approximately 50% in the U.S. as of 2009.

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