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Secondary Piano Program

Secondary Piano Announcement

All the piano skills classes Fall 2020 will be fully online. You are required to have access to a piano/keyboard in order to participate in the class.
You need one of the following:
1. Acoustic piano (88 keys, upright or grand piano)
2. Electric keyboard
      -61 keys or more is ideal. However, 49 key-keyboard is allowed. If you are taking Piano Skills 3, try your best to get 61+ keys.
      -Students who are taking MUS1360 Intro to Music Technology will be required to obtain an USB MIDI-enabled keyboard and can be used for the Piano Skills Class as well.

MIDI keyboards that can be used for both Intro to Music Technology and Piano Skills Class:
SAMSON Carbon 49 Keyboard
SAMSON Carbon 61 Keyboard
M-Audio Keystation 49
M-Audio Keystation 61

This MIDI keyboards and similar models are recommended for piano skills class, but not by the Music Technology Class (MIDI enabled, but without controllers)
Casio Casiotone 61 Keys
Yamaha P-125 88-key Weighted Keyboard

If you are not sure if the keyboard you have would be appropriate for the class, please contact Dr. Arakawa.

3. Sustain Pedal
   If you are in Piano 3, and your keyboard doesn't come with a sustain pedal, having one will be very helpful: 
Sustain Pedal for Keyboard

Piano Placement Test

Placement Test for incoming freshmen will be conducted online. If you would like to demonstrate your proficiency to test out of one or more levels, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Review guidelines here. You will be expected to demonstrate the skills shown in the chart to test out of each level. 
STEP 2: Visit this page for the instruction to submit your video.

Secondary Piano Overview

All music major students whose primary instrument is not the piano must pass the Piano Proficiency Exam.
The Proficiency exam consists of six areas: Technical skills, harmonization, transposition, sight-reading, prepared piece, and score-reading.
In order to prepare students for the proficiency exam, the Secondary Piano Program offers a sequence of four courses; Secondary Piano 1 through 4.
Secondary Piano 1 (MVK 1111) and 3 (MVK 2221) are offered in the Fall, and Secondary Piano 2 (MVK 1112) and 4 (MVK 2222) are offered in the Spring. Additionally, we offer one section of Piano 1 in the Spring and Piano 2 in the Summer Session B.

Our incoming students arrive with various degrees of background in piano. In order to facilitate the appropriate placement for each student, we offer the Secondary Piano Placement Test on each audition day in the Spring. Dates for Spring 2020 are January 18, 25, and 26. We highly recommend you review the Placement Test Requirement as you prepare for the test. If you have little or no previous experience, are not able to play major scales, or not able to harmonize or sight-read at the keyboard at all, you do not need to take the Placement Test.

Proficiency Exam

The requirement for the Proficiency Exam is available from this link. The current UF students who are enrolled in Piano 3 (MVK2221) may try the Proficiency Exam held toward the end of each semester. The instructor's recommendation is required. Students in Piano 1 (MVK1111) and Piano 2 (MVK1112) are not eligible for the Proficiency Exam.

Repertoire List for Proficiency Exam is available HERE. Other pieces need to be approved by the Secondary Piano Coordinator in advance.

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