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Secondary Piano Program

Secondary Piano Overview

The courses are designed for music majors whose primary instrument is not the piano. No prior experience is required. 

Fall: Secondary Piano 1 (MVK 1111) and 3 (MVK 2221)

Spring: Secondary Piano 2 (MVK 1112) and 4 (MVK 2222), plus one section of Secondary Piano 1 (MVK 1111)

Summer B: One section of Secondary Piano 2 (MVK 2222) 

Placement Test for New Students

If you have little or no previous piano experience, you do not need to take the test and will be placed automatically in Secondary Piano 1 (MVK 1111). 

Placement Exam Chart

Placement Exam Musical Examples

Prepared Solo Piece List

You can either take the Placement Test during your audition or schedule a time during the first week of school. PLEASE DO NOT COME UNPREPARED. 

Please understand that you might not have your choice of section/class time. 

Placement Test for Returning Students

Please review the Placement Exam Chart. You also need to be pre-approved by your current instructor. Email Dr. Tu to schedule a test torward the beginning or the end of each semester. 

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