The World House Project


The World House Concerto was written to honor the life’s work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by American composer James Oliverio. The initial inspiration was Dr. King’s idea of the World House, our one common planet, the only place people of all races can either learn to live together or “perish as fools.” The interaction of the Trumpet Soloist and the Orchestra represents the relationship between a Leader and a Community. The Concerto seeks to musically exemplify how choices made by the Community can either move them forward through empowerment or backward into chaos. 

Bring the World House to Your Community.
In addition to the full orchestral score, the composer took some of the concerto’s main melodies and wrote Songs from the World House. The Songs are a way for community members of all ages to learn some of the melodies, and think about the lyrics in advance of attending the symphonic performances of the World House Concerto in their own city.

Sights, Sounds, and Sheet Music
The Songs from The World House received their World Premiere with the world-renowned Morehouse College Glee Club and have been performed on tour across the United States. Video of the live performances can be seen in the Video Gallery.

You can also listen to sample recordings by various age groups (elementary school, secondary school, and adults) and download Sheet Music of the Songs from the Music Gallery, and samples of community outreach materials from the Outreach section.

For more information about performance materials, rentals, residencies and bringing the Word House Project to life in your community, please send an email to: