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School of Music

Composition, Theory and Technology

Be on the cutting edge. Music on your mind? Refine your perspective. Study composition and theory with faculty who are ahead of the curve.

About the Program

Students interested in composition, theory and technology have many exciting opportunities available to them at the University of Florida School of Music. From basic instruction in the rudiments of music, notation, theory, technology and composition through advanced creative projects and research at the doctoral level, the program offers a full range of experiences in traditional and contemporary idioms embracing both acoustic and electroacoustic resources in a student-centered curriculum. The area faculty is internationally noted for their substantive and cutting-edge work.

The Composition, Theory and Technology Area places special emphasis on developing its resources in electroacoustic music; areas of specialization include software synthesis, MIDI, direct-to-disk recording, interaction real-time digital signal processing, and electroacoustic music history and literature.

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2020
Application deadline for Fall 2021
Transfer Students
September 15, 2020
Application deadline for
Spring 2020
March 01, 2021
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2021
Beginning December 1, 2020
Graduate application deadlines are program specific. Please review the admissions information for your intended program for clarification.

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