Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

Maker in Residence

The Maker in Residence Program is an incubator for makers (artists, entrepreneurs in creative industries, scholars, designers, etc.) whose work is consciously located within a cultural diaspora and engaged with the contexts, impacts, and opportunities of migration and entrepreneurship in creative fields. Appointed to a 3-year research term professorship, the Maker in Residence spends their tenure with the University of Florida fulfilling three interlocking goals: 

  • producing creative works and generating/experimenting with ideas aimed at activating and weaving together local and global networks to create tangible and intangible value.  

  • partnering with members of the college, the university, and the community to apply the Maker in Residence’s expertise toward transformation and expansion across campus. 

  • guiding and implementing initiatives on behalf of CAME within and beyond the university. 

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