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Use the Arts to Create Health

How do you create health? Playing music for patients and their loved ones. Teaching dance to individuals with Parkinson's disease. Painting a hope & healing wall with pediatric patients. Staging a play about a powerful recovery. Every single day, around the world, arts in health professionals are using the arts to enhance and humanize health.


Become an Arts in Health Professional

At the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, you can earn a Master of Arts (MA) or Graduate Certificate (GC) in Arts in Medicine to grow or develop your arts in health practice. Learn directly from leaders in the field of arts in health to gain evidence-based skills and practical experience to lead or facilitate arts in health programs. 


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What is Arts in Medicine?

Arts in health, or arts in medicine, is a growing field that promotes health through the arts. Grounded in research, our faculty teach best practices for arts in health as a discipline in community, health, or public health settings. Arts in health professionals use the arts to transform lives by reducing stress, enhancing well-being, and improving health outcomes.


Online Learning, Real-World Experience

Our evidence-based curriculum is taught completely online by arts in health leaders who direct, manage, or facilitate their own arts in health practices. Our program also includes a practicum semester which provides the opportunity for you to find a local health or community setting to practice real-world facilitation of arts in health.


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