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Admissions / Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadlines

We recommend you submit your application materials as early as possible to avoid being wait-listed. Offers of admission are conveyed no later than 3-weeks after each deadline. Click here to review the application steps.

Spring Cohort 2023
Early App: October 31, 2022
Final App: December 5, 2022
Classes Start: January 2023

What cohort should I apply for?

Spring (January) Cohort

  • All Spring Cohort students begin their core curriculum in early January.
  • The Spring Cohort is only for MA GC in Arts in Medicine students.
  • Spring Cohort MA students take 6 semesters (minimum, including summer) to complete 35 credits.
  • GC students take 3 semesters to complete 12 credits.

Fall (August) Cohort

  • All Fall Cohort students begin their core curriculum in mid-August.
  • Fall Cohort MA students take 5 semesters (minimum, including summer) to complete 35 credits.
  • GC AiM students take 3 semesters to complete 12 credits
  • GC AiPH students that apply early can take a public health prerequisite in May ahead of time.
  • GC AiPH students take 3 - 4 semesters to complete 12 - 15 credits.

Early applicants are considered first for admission and may receive an early decision.
Contact the Center for Arts in Medicine (CAM)Admissions team by submitting a request for more information.

Term Dates

The University of Florida refers to its terms based on its local seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. 
NOTE: UF Distance-Learning dates and deadlines may vary from the on-campus UF calendar.

Fall Term 2022
  • Fall (A) courses begin on August 22
  • Fall (B) courses begin on October 17
Spring Term 2022
  • Spring (A) courses begin on January 9
  • Spring (B) courses begin on March 6
Summer Term 2022: April 25
  • Summer (A) & (C) courses begin on May 1
  • Summer (B) courses begin on June 26
  • GC in Arts in Public Health students without MPH degrees take a public health course Summer C.
  • Otherwise, only current students take summer courses.
  • Note: MA students taking summer courses should speak with a financial aid representative to ensure continued financial aid during the summer term.

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