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Center for Arts in Medicine

Arts In Medicine: Online Graduate Program

Admissions, Dates & Costs / Term Dates & App Deadlines

Application Deadlines

The Center for Arts in Medicine places a priority on early-decision applicants. We recommend you submit your application materials to UF and to the Center for Arts in Medicine as early as possible to avoid being wait-listed.

Spring Deadline: September 1 or October 1

For MA or GC applicants starting in the Spring (January), you must submit your application by October 1st. The early-decision deadline is September 1st.

Summer Deadline (MA Only): February 1 or March 1 

For MA (only) applicants starting in the Summer (April/May/June) you must submit your application by March 1st. The early-decision deadline is February 1st.

Fall Deadline: April 1 or June 1

For MA or GC applicants starting in the Fall (August), you must submit your application by June 1st. The early-decision deadline is April 1st.

The first date for each row above represents the early-decision deadline. Applicants who submit by the early-decision deadline will receive priority for admission and priority notification of a decision, about 3 - 4 weeks after the early deadline. For more information, contact the Graduate Programs Admissions Coordinator at or request more information.

Next Start Dates

These dates are current as of June 2020. Please note that the UF College of the Arts Distance-Learning dates and deadlines vary from the on-campus UF calendar. Updates to this calendar are made in June of each year.

Spring 2021: January 4, 2021

Spring A term begins January 4, 2021. Spring B term begins on March 1, 2021.

Summer 2021: April 26, 2021

Summer A and C term begin April 26, 2021. Summer B 2020 term begins June 21. MA applicants only.

Fall 2021: August 2021

Fall A term typically starts in mid-to-late August. Exact date TBD.

Note that Arts in Medicine master’s degree students may request early admission in the summer with the understanding that a summer start may result in credits per semester below the threshold for some financial aid. Be sure to speak with your financial aid representative before requesting a summer startThe certificate program has fall and spring starts only.

Currents Dates & Upcoming Terms

Click here to download the latest academic calendar for our program (Update: June 2020).

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