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Center for Arts in Medicine

Arts In Medicine: Online Graduate Program

Admissions, Dates & Costs / Tuition & Financial Aid


MA in Arts and Medicine, Total: $23,100 (plus UF student fees); $660 per credit hour
Online Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine, Total: $7,920 (plus UF student fees); $660 per credit hour
Online Graduate Certificate in Arts in Public Health, Total: $6,960 (plus UF student fees); $580 per credit hour*

Affording Your Education

Only MA students at the University of Florida qualify for Federal Financial Aid. MA students should begin by applying for aid, using FAFSA on the Web. After you complete the FAFSA form, then contact UF Student Financial Aid (SFA).

Students may also learn more about other tuition support (such as grants, scholarships, and other loan options) through UF SFA.

Please note that UF does not provide financial aid for graduate certificate programs, nor is federal aid available. Federal aid is only available for the MA program. 

You might also ask if your employer offers continuing education funding.** You can also explore private loans, such as Sallie Mae—a private loan organization that provides funding for graduate studies.***

Other Options

All UF students, whether pursuing a certificate or a master's, only pay tuition for the number of credit hours registered each semester. As such, you can take a semester off between courses to extend your time in the program and spread your costs. You can also take one course at a time to limit the amount of credit hours you pay for each semester.

Contact the admissions team at (352) 273-1488 ​or if you would like additional information about our graduate programs or click here to request information. Please mention your most recent cumulative GPA in your request if you have additional questions about affording your education.

*The GC in Arts in Public Health requires holding a Master's of Public Health OR taking (1) public health graduate course at UF Online (or elsewhere) to qualify for admission, this may lead to added costs.

**Please note that State of Florida Employees may not use State Agency Employee Tuition Fee Waivers for our program, nor does our program qualify for UF EEP.

***Link to Sallie Mae is provided solely for your reference. The University of Florida does not endorse any specific lending organizations.

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