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Center for Arts in Medicine

Arts In Medicine: Online Graduate Program

Curriculum / BM / BS On-Campus + MA Online

Bachelor's + MA Arts in Medicine Combined Degree

Students completing their Bachelor's at UF can start earning an Online Master's in Arts in Medicine during their Junior or Senior year. Combine your passion for creativity with the power to transform health.

Get a head start on an MA in Arts in Medicine as a music or health sciences undergraduate

How does this Combined Degree work?

Dual-enroll in up to 12-credits of online graduate arts in medicine courses. After finishing your Bachelor's program you'll take an additional year—also known as a growth-year—to complete the online MA.

  • Our graduate courses are dual-counted as undergraduate credits which also count toward your bachelor's—allowing you to save both time and tuition. 
  • As an undergrad, you'll have the opportunity to take four graduate courses in place of four undergraduate required by your major.
  • Accelerate your development as an interdisciplinary, arts in health leader.
Why should I choose this Combined Degree?

Combined degree students learn to understand, research, and bring the restorative power of the arts into health settings. As national leaders in the field of arts in health, the UF Center for Arts in Medicine and its faculty provide a rigorous curriculum that supports students as they develop their bedside manner, creative facilitation, and research skills. Our students gain valuable hands-on experience and transferable skills propelling them to stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs and other graduate programs. Students can choose to pursue an arts in health career path; or incorporate arts in health into their professional music, public health, mental health, or medical careers.

Qualifying majors: Music, Public Health, Biology, Microbio, Chemistry & Psychology 

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the admissions process, please contact our academic advising team at or (352) 273-1488. You can also request more information or start an application to learn more.

Completed during undergrad
Creativity and Health: Foundations of Arts in Medicine (HUM5357, 8 weeks, 3 credits)

This online graduate course explores the deepest questions at the heart of arts in health. From historical perspectives to theoretical foundations, the course engages at the intersection of the arts, creativity and health promotion to facilitate an understanding of these complex and interwoven disciplines. Lively discussions and all course materials help inform the field and practice of arts in health in a variety of settings. This is the initial core course for the Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine and the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine. (This course can be taken as an elective by nonmajors.)

Arts in Medicine in Practice (HUM5595, 8 weeks, 3 credits)

This second core course for the Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine and the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine explores the practice of arts in health in the fields of health and human services. The course provides a dynamic, interdisciplinary overview of the diverse practices and methodologies in the contemporary field of arts in health in healthcare and community settings. Students learn what they need to know to navigate these settings safely and professionally as they prepare for their practicum. (This course can be taken as an elective by nonmajors.)
Prerequisite: HUM5357 Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine.

Graduate Practicum in Arts in Medicine* (HUM6942, 16 weeks, 3 credits)

This is the third core course for Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine and the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine. The course supports students as they engage in focused, professional level practice in an arts in health program at a healthcare or community health setting in their home community. Students undertake 96 hours of work over 12 weeks. The goal of this course is to prepare students for professional arts in health practice.
*Prerequisites: HUM5357 Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine and HUM5595 Arts in Medicine Practice.

The Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar* (HUM6353, 8 weeks, 3 credits)

This course provides a practical orientation to professional competencies, practice, and ethics for the field of arts in health. ProSem is the culminating course in the graduate certificate, or of the first year of the MA in Arts in Medicine. This course focuses on applications of course materials to date in the program and specifically engages in core issues, trends, and critical debates central to practice in arts in health.
*Prerequisite: HUM6942 Arts in Medicine Practicum.

Completed during growth year
Remaining MA Curriculum (HUM5000-6000, 1-Year, 24 Credits)

Upon graduating from UF, you can complete the rest of your online graduate coursework during a growth year. This includes 12 more credit hours of core curriculum, including the 4-credit Capstone course. You'll also get to choose a minimum of 12 credit hours of electives to hone and specialize your practice, administration, interdisciplinary collaboration, self-care, and research skills. View the rest of the MA curriculum here.

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