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Curriculum / Graduate Certificate

Each of the courses offered through our certificate program is designed to reflect the best practices in the field of arts in medicine. As national leaders in research and real-world involvement, the UF Center for Arts in Medicine and its faculty strive to provide a relevant, updated, comprehensive curriculum that supports students as they develop their skills.

The requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine requires 12 credit hours of coursework to complete. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a practicum course (as in the full master’s program). See the practicum course descriptions listed in the master program curriculum.

HUM5357: Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine (3 credits)

This online course explores the theoretical foundations that facilitate an understanding of the relationship of creativity to health and informs the field and practice of arts in medicine.

HUM5595: Arts in Medicine in Practice (3 credits)

Explores the practice of arts in medicine in the fields of health and human services. The course will be providing a dynamic, interdisciplinary overview of diverse practices and methodologies in the field of arts in medicine in community and healthcare settings.

HUM6942: Arts in Medicine Graduate Practicum (3 credits)

Prerequisites: HUM5357, Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine; and HUM5595, Arts in Medicine Practice. This course engages students in focused professional-level practice in arts in medicine programs. Students are expected to complete 96 practicum hours (72 hands-on and 24 administrative) in an approved healthcare or community settings, with the goal of preparing for professional arts in medicine practice.

HUM6353: Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar (3 credits)

Prerequisite: Creativity and Health; Arts in Medicine in Practice; Arts in Medicine Graduate Practicum; Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar The Arts in Medicine Advanced Professional Seminar will be providing an advanced orientation to professional competencies, practice, and ethics for the field of arts in medicine. This online professional seminar will focus on in-depth issues, trends, and critical debates central to current practice within the discipline and its historical and contemporary applications. This course is designed to synthesize and integrate student learning in preparation for practice in the field of arts in medicine.


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