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Getting Started

This page contains important information to help admitted applicants enroll as first-time students at the University of Florida. Once admitted to our program, please read each step carefully in the checklist below and complete every step in a timely manner. Use the Computing Helpdesk if you have any login or tech issues.

Our offices will be closed December 23 - January 2; please begin these steps as soon as possible to avoid a late-registration fee of $100.

New Gator Checklist

1. Get your Gator Credentials

As a new student, you will need a UF identification number (UFID) to perform many necessary functions. You can locate your UFID by clicking the "Click here for UFID" link on your application status page. Log in using your MyAdmissions credentials.

  • Log in to your application status page to get your UFID
    • Shortly after submitting your UF application, you should have received a link and pin to create your MyAdmissions username and password. Check your email and spam folders.
    • Having trouble? Contact the Computing Helpdesk.
    • Current UF student or UF alum may use their existing UFID.
2. Connect with Gatorlink
3. Visit ONE.UF & Complete Registration Prep

ONE.UF connects you to the student services you will need while at UF. You will find links for Registration, Transcripts, Finances, etc. Under “Finances” you can set up direct deposit, review financial aid (MA only), view charges, and make payments. Explore ONE.UF and complete the following ASAP:

  1. Log in to ONE.UF with GatorLink
  2. Complete Registration Prep Simulation | PDF
  3. Complete Any Remaining Holds PDF
    • If you have any immunization holds or other holds you cannot clear, please contact right away with a screenshot of the hold(s).
    • If you have a "prerequisite" hold, it will be removed after you complete your prerequisite. Instructions to satisfy your prerequisite will be sent to your GatorMail after you complete this New Gator Checklist.
    • Having trouble? Contact the Computing Helpdesk.
4. Setup your GatorMail account

UF GatorMail is the email service for our university and is the best way to stay in contact with your professors, advisors, and others who are here to help you stay organized. ​Your GatorMail email address will be your GatorLink username + and you can use this email to unlock student discounts with various companies, stores, services, and businesses. 

  1. After creating your Gatorlink, wait 72 hours
  2. Then, log in to your GatorMail using your GatorLink
  3. Be sure to check your GatorMail often—at least once a week—throughout your time at UF.
    1. Having trouble? Contact the Computing Helpdesk.
    2. ​Current UF students or recent UF alum may use their existing email.

Please note, Canvas (e-learning) also has a messaging system or "inbox" where you can communicate with classmates and professors. We also use this system quite a bit for course-specific communications as well as Canvas announcements.

5. Contact

IMPORTANT: Complete this step AFTER you've completed steps 1 - 4.

Information for MA Students

FAFSA & Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, MA students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The FAFSA opens on October 1 of each year. To receive the best financial aid offer, complete the FAFSA as early as possible. *Graduate Certificate students are not eligible for FAFSA.

Plan Your Schedule

Since MA students must take at least 12-credits of elective coursework to graduate, you'll need to plan your schedule to ensure you complete all 36-credits at a pace that works for you. The suggested timeline will allow you to complete the program in 5 or 6 semesters. 


Arts in Medicine Prerequisite

Arts in Medicine MA or GC students must satisfy complete the following prerequisite training module to finalize admission to our program.

You will receive an email from AFTER completing the New Gator Checklist with a direct link to our Final Steps page which includes instructions for free enrollment to CFHI.

Arts in Public Health Prerequisite 

Arts in Public Health GC students must satisfy one of the following prerequisites before embarking on their practicum semester. Thus, this should be completed during the summer before the program begins or during the first (fall) or second (spring) semester in the program.

  • MPH: Have completed or be currently enrolled in a Master's of Public Health program
  • Public Health Course: Complete one graduate-level public health course before beginning our program. This can be done during the summer, prior to the GC beginning in August, at any accredited public health college. Otherwise, please register for such a course during your time at UF; this must be done PRIOR to your practicum semester.
  • Completing your Prereq at UF: To take a graduate-level public health course at UF, online, please contact Amanda Kastner using your newly created UF GatorMail email (instructions on New Gator checklist above) to request a list of options and register for a course. Tuition is typically due during the second week of classes. Please contact Amanda Kastner with any questions that pertain to your public health prerequisite (i.e. scheduling, tuition, drop/add textbooks, and other course requirements).
Graduate Central

You can begin planning your courses by visiting Graduate Central.

  • This resource will be available to you throughout your entire time in the program. Think of it as a virtual student commons.
  • You cannot access Graduate Central until after completing the New Gator Checklist.
  • Once inside Graduate Central, click the (Start Here) module near the top of the home page and review the contents.
  • Then complete the (New Student Orientation) module to begin planning registration for graduate courses.
  • Complete and upload your study plan so your advisor can assist you with registering for classes.
Course Registration

Instructions for course registration will be sent to you by your advisor once the course registration period opens. Typically, registration opens at least one month prior to the start of classes.

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