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Creating for the Health of It

Let's create...for the health of it!

Creating for the Health of It is an online professional development course that provides an introduction to the field of arts in health. Creating for the Health of It takes approximately 20 hours to complete and is entirely self-paced. You will learn about the field across 5 distinct modules. 

Course Overview

This course includes 5 modules, completed at your own pace. Your progress is assessed through brief comprehension quizzes and a final reflection assignment. There is also a brief course evaluation survey when you reach the end of the course. The following modules are included:

  • Overview of the Field 
  • Arts in Health Practice: Healthcare Settings 
  • Arts in Health Practice: Community Settings 
  • Professionalism in the Field 
  • Research and APA 

Please note that this professional development course does not reflect the rigor or intensity of our UF Center for Arts in Medicine graduate coursework. Our asynchronous graduate courses have set deadlines for creative and academic assignments. Furthermore, our graduate courses involve weekly asynchronous discussions and instruction takes place over a span of 8 or 16-weeks. Rather, the look and feel of Creating for the Health of It resembles a short professional development or continuing education course**. 

Course Goals

Learning goals for this professional development course:

  1. Define the field of arts in health. 
  2. Describe the scope of practice of arts in health professionals. 
  3. Discuss how the field of arts in health developed in the United States. 
  4. Articulate how the arts can enhance healthcare and public health. 
  5. Identify the importance of patient safety in healthcare settings. 
  6. Recognize professional opportunities within the field of arts in health 
Course Costs
  • General Public: $465
  • Center for Arts in Medicine Students: Discounted*
  • Group Rates: Please inquire

**This course does not provide any CEUs or college credit.

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