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Carillon Studio

2021-2022 Series

The UF Carillon Studio Concert Series offers a chance to hear the UF Carillon during a fifty-minute recital. 

Listeners are encouraged to find a location at least 100 feet from the tower for an optimal listening experience. Concert details for each program will be available via a link below. 

Join us for the following concerts during the 2021-2022 academic year: 

Saturday, January 15, 6:15PM: Florida Carillon Festival, Austin Ferguson, Guest Carillonneur.
Sunday, January 23, 1:55PM: Carillon Studio recital.
Saturday, February 12, 6:15PM: Florida Carillon Festival, Andrée-Anne Doane, Guest Carillonneur
Monday, February 14, 6:15PM: Carillon Studio Valentine's Day program.
Sunday, March 27, 1:55PM: Carillon Studio recital.
Sunday, April 10, 1:55PM:Helen Hofmeister, Guest Carillonneur, performs works of Albert Gerken.

FALL 2021
Sunday, August 29, 1:55PM: Laura Ellis in recital.
Sunday, September 26, 1:55PM: Carillon Studio recital
Friday, October 29, 7:20PM: Our annual Carillon and Organ Halloween Spooktacular!
Here's a video of the performance; click on the 12:45 mark for the Spooktacular Prelude; then jump to the 1:07:50 mark for the carillon recital. For a list of participants, see this program.
Sunday, November 21, 1:55PM: Today's Carillon Studio recital program prepares us for Thanksgiving! 
Sunday, December 5, 1:55PM: Carillon Studio holiday recital.

Sunday, April 10, 1:55PM: Helen Hofmeister, Guest Carillonneur241 kBpdf
Sunday, March 27, 1:55PM: UF Carillon Studio Recital183 kBpdf
Saturday, January 22, 6:15PM: Florida Carillon Festival, Andree-Anne Doane, Guest Carillonneur298 kBpdf
Sunday, January 23, 1:55PM: UF Carillon Studio Recital537 kBpdf
Saturday, January 15, 6:15PM: Florida Carillon Festival, Austin Ferguson, Guest Carillonneur276 kBpdf
Sunday, December 5, 1:55PM -- UF Carillon Studio Holiday Recital614 kBpdf
Sunday, November 26, 1:55PM -- UF Carillon Studio Recital524 kBpdf
Friday, October 29, 2021, 7:20PM -- Halloween Spooktacular!3,059 kBpdf
Sunday, August 29, 1:55PM -- Laura Ellis Faculty Recital517 kBpdf
Sunday, September 26, 1:55PM -- UF Carillon Studio Recital515 kBpdf

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