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2015 SCI National Conference / Registration

All registration for the SCI 50th Anniversary Conference will be done in advance through the SCI PayPal portal. No registration will be possible on site during the event.

Regular Registration: $95US

Student Registration: $80US

All composers must be present in order to have their work presented on the conference. Refunds will not be given for cancellations which will also forfeit the performance of the work.

Registration deadline: 1 October 2015 (Registration Closed - No On-Site Registration)

Registration is now closed. If you will be accompanied by guests who are not registered for the conference, you can purchase tickets so they can attend the banquet. The cost is $25 per person.

SCI National Conference banquet tickets ($25)

This is only for those accompanying individuals who are not registered (spouse, significant other, performer, etc.). Those registered guest have a banquet ticket as part of their registration. Due to notification time required of our caterer registraton will close on 3 November 2015 at noon (12p).  There will be no onsite ticket sales available.

Banquet registration is now closed.

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