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Jong-Chan Lee

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jong-Chan Lee has been seeking to create a musical language which embraces Western classical music, jazz, rock and traditional Korean music, and which also communicates his personal aesthetics. His musical ambitions have led him to study in three different countries, majoring in various subjects from jazz to Korean musicology. Lee holds a BA Honours degree in Music (jazz composition) from Middlesex University in London, England; an MMus in Composition from Goldsmiths College, University of London; an MM in Composition from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music; and a PhD in Literature from South Korea’s Seoul National University. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in composition at the University of Florida with the aim of expanding his musical vocabulary yet further.

Michael J. Papa

Michael Papa is a composer focused on expanding the musicianship and listening skills of everyone, regardless of who they are. His works are often designed to heighten our awareness of music perception, and encourages us to experience each piece of music differently every time. Orchestral, electronic, and chamber music are three major domains of Papa’s music that encompass these ideas. He holds a Bachelor's degree in music education and a Master’s in composition, aiming for a well-rounded sense of musicianship. Papa’s music has something to offer for everyone at both an artistic level and a pedagogical one.

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Dalton H. Regnier

Dalton H. Regnier is a composer and clarinetist based in Gainesville, FL.  His works have been performed by several chamber and large ensembles, including loadbang, Unheard-of//Ensemble, Xelana Duo, University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra, and Hope College (MI) Wind Ensemble.  His wind ensemble piece, “The Great Stone Face,” was recently awarded in Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble’s Composition Competition.  He was also awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts in 2019, which culminated in a recital featuring premieres of three new works in addition to two other chamber works.

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Tabajara Belo

Virtuoso guitar soloist, composer and arranger, Brazilian musician Tabajara Belo released two solo albums. He blends his concert programs with classical, Brazilian popular/folk and jazz. He holds a Master degree in guitar from the University of Arizona. Mr. Belo is a faculty member at the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto and has been constantly performing throughout Brazil, United States and Europe. He was recently awarded with 2nd. place at the prestigious National Prize for Guitar Composition “Novas 3”. Presently, Mr. Belo is a Composition PhD student and Theory Teaching Assistant at the University of Florida.

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Hooman Rafraf

Composer Hooman Rafraf was born in 1985 in Tehran and is currently based in Gainesville, Florida. Hooman’s compositional output includes works for orchestra, electronics, chamber music, soloists, and collective projects with arts museums as well as collectives. He received a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a Master’s degree in music composition both from University of Tehran. He received a second Master's in music composition from University of South Florida. His original composition, Serere Bastian, was recognized with the winning award in the 30th Fajr International Music Festival in Tehran in 2015. He is currently a Ph.D student of music composition in the University of Florida where he also serves as an electronic-music TA.

Jordan Alexander Key

Blind, gay composer, organist, and musicologist Jordan Alexander Key’s significant recent projects include his Kennedy Center premier of his ballet, To Say Pi; his residency at the Harn Museum of Art and production of music for exhibitions, including his sextet, Verses from the Scroll of Sondering, and his Black-MIDI dance, Nachi No Taki; his European premier with Vienna’s PHACE Ensemble performing his octet, Threnody on the Death of Children; a collaboration with the Vancouver Queer Arts Festival and Calliope’s Call for the premiers of his song cycles, God Ourselves and Last Night I Touched Him; and the display of his recent audio-visual projects as part of the Wolfsburg Kunstmuseum’s new exhibit, Never Ending Stories: The Loop in Art, Film, Architecture, and Music, in Germany.

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Diogo Carvalho

Diogo Carvalho is a composer, scholar, performer, and teacher, and producer with experience in electroacoustic, concert, popular, jazz, and Brazilian music. Carvalho stands out with his ample knowledge and musicality, having pieces performed all over the world, often performing himself at the guitar. His studies on the compositional processes of Debussy and Ravel were linked to his transcriptions of the pieces for solo guitar, recorded in the album "Impressionism – Acoustic Guitar Solo" (praised as “highly recommended” by Classical Guitar Magazine). As a scholar, studies the works of Steve Reich related to identity issues. At the University of Florida, Carvalho is a PhD candidate in Music Composition and teaches Music Theory and Introduction to Music Technology.

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Emmanuel Danielson

Emmanuel Danielson is an American composer from Arizona. Mr. Danielson started composing at the age of 17 where he was introduced to music in high school through music theory. He specializes in chamber composition and performance, and enjoys performing his works with his wife, and fellow musicians. Through-out his career he has developed his technique as a composer under Professor Daniel Asia, Dr. David Biedenbender, Dr. James Paul Sain and Dr. Paul Koonce. He is currently studying under Dr. Paul Richards as a master’s student in Music Composition at the University of Florida.

Erick Campos

Erick Campos is a musician, songwriter, and composer based in Central Florida. With a great passion and understanding of a wide range of musical styles, Erick is known for creating compositions ranging from popular contemporary styles to classical and jazz.  His education includes a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Central Florida, instruction from Jeremy Birdsall on electric bass, Michael Hill on double bass, and composition from Dr. David MacDonald and Dr. Paul Richards. Erick is trained in composition and performance of classical, jazz, and rock styles and will be earning a Masters degree in Music Composition from the University of Florida by Spring 2020. [website]

Steve Landis

Steven is the bassist for the North Carolina Improvisatory New Music collective COLLAPSS, teaches double bass at Guilford College and the Music Academy of North Carolina, and is an Adjunct Instructor of music theory, aural skills, and computer music at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Steven earned his DMA in Composition (2017) at The University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory, an MM in Composition (2013) from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and an MM in Double Bass Performance (2002) and a BM in Composition (1999) from The University of Florida. [website]

Seung-Hye Kim

Seung-Hye Kim is a pianist, organist and composer. She received a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Florida, an MA in Electroacoustic Music Composition from the Korean National University of Arts, and a BA in Piano Performance from Seoul National University.  Her compositions and collaborative works have been performed in the US and abroad, awarded from competitions staged by the Italy Percussive Art Society and Korea Electro-acoustic Music Society, and has been released on the SEAMUS label. Currently, she’s a lecturer of music at Christopher Newport University.

Kyle Snow

Kyle Snow is a student composer currently enrolled in the University of Florida, where he is pursuing a dual degree in Music Composition and Mathematics. During his time at the University of Florida, Kyle has studied composition under Dr. James Paul Sain and Dr. Paul Koonce, and is currently studying under Dr. Paul Richards. While Kyle chooses to compose outside the realm of tonality, the majority of his works appeal to a casual or traditional audience as well as to seasoned listeners. Kyle’s compositional repertoire currently includes pieces written for percussion, piano trio, clarinet choir, saxophone quartet, string orchestra, and, most recently, woodwind quintet, with the promise of many more works to come.

Neal Facciuto

Neal Facciuto (b. 1981) is an American composer of 21st century acoustic and electro-acoustic music, and a conductor of his own works. His style utilizes Eurocentric classical concepts and instrumentation in conjunction with spectralist influences and post-minimalist techniques. African American harmonies and West African rhythms are also coloristic features in many of his works. He has taught courses at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and the University of Hawai’i. Mr. Facciuto was recently awarded a year-long residency with the Oregon East Symphony for the 2014-15 year. [website]

Garrett Hecker

Garrett Austin Hecker is a composer and percussionist from South Florida. His music explores stylistic hybridity, rhythmic complexity, socio-political subjects, and humor. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Composition at the University of Florida, where he also completed his MM. He earned his BM in Composition from University of Miami. He has primarily studied composition with James Paul Sain, Paul Koonce, Paul Richards, and Scott Stinson. Hecker’s music has been performed in Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. [website]

Andrew Babcock

Andrew Babcock is an electroacoustic composer and scholar based in Gainesville, Florida. He received a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Florida, an M.A in music composition from the University at Buffalo, and a B.A in music from Hamilton College. Prior to his graduate studies, Andrew worked in New York City as a composer, sound designer, and recording engineer for television and film. Currently, his research centers on the transmission and perception of vocality in the electroacoustic medium and its relationship to intersubjective listening in our everyday environments. His works have received several international prizes and honors, including CICEM (Monaco, 2016), Città di Udine (Italy, 2016), Metamorphoses (Belgium, 2012), Música Viva (Portugal, 2015), Prix Destellos (Argentina, 2015), Prix Russolo (France, 2017), SCI/ASCAP (United States, 2016), ASCAP/SEAMUS (United States, 2017), SIME (France, 2018), and Sound in Space (United States, 2011). Andrew’s work is available on the ICMA, Musique & Recherches, SEAMUS, and Taukay Edizioni Musicali labels.

Michael Polo

Michael Polo first studied composition with Roberto Pace at the Settlement School of Music in Philadelphia, PA. He then attended Rowan University, NJ to begin a B.M. in Composition where he studied with Dr. Harold Oliver and Denis DiBlasio. Michael completed his M.M. in Composition at George Mason University where he studied with Dr. Jesse Guessford and Mark Camphouse. Michael is currently working on his PhD at the University of Florida. In 2008, Michael published his original work 'The Chase,'(for two-pianos eight-hands), with Piano Productions Press. He also has received performances of his compositions by award winning violinist Jaroslaw Nadrzycki of the Royal Academy of London. 

Rob Seaback

Rob Seaback is a guitarist and composer who has worked in a variety of musical styles. His current focus is on the composition of electroacoustic music that combines traditional instruments with precomposed electronic sound. He holds a B.S. in Music Technology from Northeastern University and an M.A. in Composition from Mills College. Rob’s work has been presented at both national and international festivals such as the ICMC, the ISCM World New Music Days, the SEAMUS Conference, and the EMUfest of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, Rome. It has also been broadcast on Comptradio: Musique Contemporaine á la Radio. In 2011 he was awarded First Prize in the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition, and also received the Elizabeth Mills Crothers Award for Outstanding Musical Composition from Mills College. [website]

Luis Damiani

Being awarded in 2010 the prestigious Classical Composition Prize from the National Foundation of Arts, in Brazil, made composer and violinist Luis Felipe Vieira Damiani take a turn from a well-established orchestral career into pursuing graduate studies in the USA. Damiani’s awards since include Best Feature Soundtrack at the 6th Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival in 2011, the University of South Florida’s 2012 Percussion Composition Prize, as well as other academic awards from USF that include the Patrick Keim Endowed Memorial Scholarship in 2011, the Emma and Julius Hawkings Music Theory Scholarship in 2012, and the Research Merit Award in 2013. In the same year Damiani was also awarded a Graduate School Fellowship to pursue doctoral studies in music composition at University of Florida.

Benjamin O'Brien

Benjamin O’Brien composes, researches, and performs acoustic and electro-acoustic music that focuses on issues of translation and machine listening. He is a Doctoral Fellow currently pursuing a Ph.D in Music Composition at the University of Florida. He holds a MA in Music Composition from Mills College and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia. Benjamin has studied computer music, improvisation, and theory with David Bernstein, Ted Coffey, Fred Frith, Paul Koonce, Roscoe Mitchell, and Paul Richards. His compositions have been performed at international conferences and festivals including ICMC, EMS, NYCEMF, TIES, and SuperCollider Symposium. He received the Elizabeth Mills Crothers Award for Outstanding Musical Composition and is a WOCMAT International Electroacoustic Music Young Composers Awards Finalist. His work is published by Oxford University Press, SEAMUS, eContact!, and Taukay Edizioni Musicali. He performs regularly with the international laptop quartet Glitch Lich. [website]

Thomas Royal

The music of Thomas Royal is based in the use of contemporary technology to explore the dissolution and recombination of musical identities. This is effected by investigating alternative experiential paradigms made possible through the use of custom electronic controllers, novel performance interfaces, and alternative (re)presentational media (including screens, web interfaces, and mobile applications.) He is currently completing a dissertation about how computer frames the act and representation of musical play. 

His music has been performed at ICMC, EMM, NYCEMF, SECL, SEAMUS and other festivals in the United States. He won first prize in the APSU 2007 Young Composer's Competition. He has studied with Mark Engebretson, Paul Richards, Alejandro Rutty, and Jeffrey Wood. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. under a supervisory committee chaired by Paul Koonce with additional support from James Paul Sain and Silvio dos Santos. [website]

Luke Blackburn

Luke Blackburn is an American composer and bassoonist based in Boston, Massachusetts. As a composer, Luke focuses on depicting various scenes based on his own observations and experiences from around the world; though often representing his many memories growing up near the ocean in his hometown in Florida. However, Luke is shifting his compositions and research in innovative ways by combining his musical platform with issues of nature conservation. This is happening on a personal level (through his ecomusical research), and on a local and national level (composing works for children and the concert hall) to promote awareness of endangered species and preserving our ocean ecosystems. website

Ismael Sandoval

Ismael Sandoval is a third year student studying both composition and music education. His performing instrument is the tuba, and he primarily focuses on instrumental music, although he likes to dabble in other genres every once in a while. Having been raised in the Florida Keys, his influences vary from Bob Marley, to Bernstein, Holst, and Whitacre.

Adam Scott Neal (PhD '14)

Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer whose work embraces a range of artistic engagement including acoustic and electroacoustic composition, video art, electronics hardware, and improvisation. Before earning his PhD at the University of Florida, Adam studied with Robert Scott Thompson at Georgia State University, earning a BM in music technology and an MM in composition. He also earned an MA in sonic arts from Queen's University Belfast, where he studied with Pedro Rebelo. Adam has enjoyed over 100 performances of his music in 23 states, as well as the UK, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, Slovenia, and Switzerland. He has organized numerous contemporary music concerts in academic and non-academic settings, including those for Atlanta-based Terminus Ensemble, of which he is Co-Artistic Director. [website]

Sean Peuquet
Visiting Assistant Professor, Stetson University

Sean Peuquet is a composer, installation artist, software programmer, and occasional music hardware tinkerer. His works have been performed at SEAMUS National Conference, ICMC, the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, Electronic Music Midwest, the Boston CyberArts Festival, the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, and the New York City Electronic Music Festival, among other spots. Sean received his B.A. from the University of Virginia in 2005, where he studied music, psychology and astronomy. In 2007, Sean earned his Masters degree in Electro-Acoustic Music from Dartmouth College and wrote his thesis on Discoverable Composition, where an audience is not explicitly aware of music happening in its environment. Currently, he is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University and is finishing his Ph.D. in Composition at the University of Florida. [website]

Juan Camilo Giraldo Vasquez

Juan Camilo Giraldo Vasquez is a Colombian saxophonist and composer born in Fresno, Tolima. At an early age, he moved to Ibague, Tolima in order to pursue his studies in the Conservatorio de Musica de Ibague. At the Conservatorio in 2002, he started his musical studies on saxophone with Enrique Ososrio. In 2006, he was awarded with an scholarship to attend the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, where he continued his musical studies with Brian Noyes. Two years later, he achieved the International Baccalaureate Diploma and obtained a Davis Foundation Scholarship to attend the University of Florida where he currently studies saxophone with Dr. Jonathan Helton, Composition with Dr. Paul Koonce and pursue a triple major in Sociology.

Russell Brown (PhD ’13, MM ’04)

Russell Brown is currently serving as Instructor of Music Theory and Composition at Valdosta State University. Mr. Brown compositions have been performed on concerts for local, national, and international audiences in venues across the country. His music has also been performed by the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (FL) and R20 (Poland). Mr. Brown holds an MM in Music Composition from the University of Florida, an MM in Music Performance from The Ohio State University and a BM in Music Performance from Valdosta State University. Russell Brown is currently a PhD Candidate (ABD) in Music Composition at the University of Florida. He regularly performs contemporary music in various chamber groups and is currently a member of the Albany (GA) Symphony Orchestra, Valdosta (GA) Symphony Orchestra, and has performed with The Florida Orchestra (Tampa), Gainesville (FL) Chamber Orchestra, and Ocala Symphony Orchestra.

Travis Garrison
Coordinator of Audio Services, East Carolina University

Travis Garrison is a composer, audio engineer, and performer of electroacoustic music. A common thread throughout his work is a blurring of the boundaries between things organic and things electronic, between the actual and the imagined, and between the real and the hyperreal. His works have been performed at conferences and festivals including the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) conference, the Electronic Music Midwest (EMM) Festival, the Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Travis holds a Ph.D. in Music Composition with a cognate in Historical Musicology from the University of Florida, an MA in Electroacoustic Music from Dartmouth College, and a BA in Computer Music and Composition from the University of California, San Diego.  [website]

Michael Smith (MM ’13)

Michael Sterling Smith is a composer and guitarist from Delaware. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware where he studied guitar with Christiaan Taggart and composition with Dr. Jennifer Barker. In 2010 he was awarded with emerging artist fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts.

Michael’s works consist of solo guitar music and a variety of chamber music. To date he has written for guitar, flute, clarinet, cello, and piano. Recently his work A Light Begins was performed by the University of Delaware guitar ensemble. Michael is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Composition at the University of Florida. [website]

Seung-Hye Kim (PhD ’12)

Seung-Hye Kim is a native of South Korea. She received her BM in piano performance from Seoul National University and a MA in Electroacoustic music composition from Korean National University of Arts. Her pieces have been performed in many international festivals such as FEMF, LITSK, SICMF, ICMC, SEAMUS, NYCEMF, EMM, The 3rd Practice, Siggraph, FEASt, WEALR, SCI, Bourges “Synthese”. Her piece Fluctuation for flute and computer has been released on SEAMUS label. She’s currently a Ph.D candidate at University of Florida where she studies with Dr. James Sain, Dr. Paul Koonce, and Dr. Paul Richards.

Chester Udell (MM ’08, PhD ’12)
Lecturer, University of Oregon

From the swamps of Wewahitchka, Florida, Chester Udell received his Bachelor of Music/Digital Arts from Stetson University (2005). His work engages issues of interactivity for electro-acoustic performances through the use of alternative controllers, creating electro-acoustic compositions in Csound and supercollider, as well as composing for acoustic instruments. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Music Composition at the University of Florida. [website]

Justin Johns (MM ’12)

Justin Johns is a composer of acoustic music from Cape Coral, Florida. He received his B.A. in music theory and composition from Covenant College on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Involved in both academic and professional theatre, Justin also wrote and directed an original score for Bertolt Brecht’s play The Caucasian Chalk Circle in the fall of 2009. Justin’s compositions have been performed in numerous locations around the south, including the Southeastern Composers League Forum, the Georgia Young Composers Festival, and numerous concerts at Covenant College. He was also commissioned to write a song cycle which was performed in Atlanta in the summer of 2009. It is his goal to continue developing his skills in an effort to eventually gain a Ph.D. in composition.

Evan Kassof (BM ’11)

Evan Kassof is a fourth year Music Composition and Physics double major. He has had many of his pieces performed at UF; including works for the UF Symphony Orchestra, Cellorando, the UF Horn Ensemble, the new music ensemble, and others. He was the 2009 winner of the HHMI Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event, and was commissioned by the UF Water Institute to write a piece for the 2010 Water Symposium. He was also the recipient of a University Scholars Award to compose his opera entitled Judgment. Evan is an active participant in the musical community at UF having formed the Chamber Music Society and being an officer of SCI, the UF Symphony, and Cellorando. In addition, he studies cello with Dr. Steven Thomas and works on the CDMS project in the physics department.

Jorge Variego
Assistant Professor, Valley City State University (ND)

Jorge Elias Variego is a clarinetist and composer born in Rosario, Argentina. He holds a Bachelor Degree from Universidad Nacional de Rosario and a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied with Michael Rusinek and Leonardo Balada. He has performed as soloist with the most renowned orchestras in Argentina and his works have been performed throughout the world. Among other distinctions, he has been awarded First prize in the Carlos Guastavino composition contest, First prize in the Jorge Pena Hen composition contest for youth orchestras, Premio Tribunas de Musica Argentina 2007, ASCAP Award, Society of Composers Students Commission Regional competition. He has received prestigious scholarships from Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina), Antorchas Foundation (Argentina), Fulbright Commission (Argentina), Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Pi Kappa Lambda Honors Music Society, among others. [website]

Kyle Vegter

KYLE VEGTER is a composer, producer, sound designer, and Managing Artistic Director of Manual Cinema. As a composer of concert music he’s been commissioned by such groups as The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s MusicNOW series, The Pacific Northwest Ballet, and TIGUE. His music and sound design for theater and film has been performed worldwide and commissioned by the New York Times, NPR’s Invisibilia, Topic (First Look Media), the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, StoryCorps, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Poetry Foundation, Hubbard Street Dance, the O, Miami Poetry Festival, and others. His past Composer/ Sound Designer credits with Manual Cinema include Lula Del Ray, Ada/ Ava, FJORDS, Mementos Mori, The End of TV and various other performance and video projects. He has been an artist in residence at High Concept Laboratories, and co-founded Chicago’s only contemporary classical music cassette label Parlour Tapes+.

Emily Kimball (MM ’11)

Composer and singer-songwriter Emily Kimball holds a BS in Music Technology from Northeastern University and is a second year masters student at the University of Florida. She is interested in exploring the various ways in which narratives can be represented in her music, and is especially fascinated by the power of the human voice. Her music includes acoustic pieces, as well as works for fixed and mixed media. Trained extensively in ballet from a young age, Emily hopes to combine her love of dance and music through collaboration with dancers and choreographers.

Yunkyung Hong (MM ’11)
DMA student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yunkyung Hong was born in South Korea, and moved to the United States in 2005. She received her bachelor degree from the University of Texas Austin and studied composition with Russell Pinkston, Yevgeniy Sharlat, and Donald Grantham. She is currently pursuing the master degree in music composition at the University of Florida.

Chris Sharp
Director of Bands, Polk State College (FL)

Chris Sharp is a PhD composition student also studying conducting and wind literature. In addition to his graduate teaching assistant duties, he contributes musical arrangements for the Gator Marching Band and the UF jazz bands. He currently has over 100 published works in the catalogs of The FJH Music Company, Alfred Publishing, Jalen/Matrix Publishing, Lorenz Music, Wehr’s Music House and Cyberwinds Music. He has served the music field in many capacities, including 13 years as a trombonist for the Walt Disney World Co. and four years as a band director at West Orange High School in Orlando. Mr. Sharp has served the Disney parks worldwide as an arranger and orchestrator since 1984. In addition, he maintains an active freelance business as a commissioned writer, teacher, adjudicator and clinician.

Michael Solomon (PhD ’10)

A composer of occasionally compromising, sometimes marketable, and not-too-abstruse modern classical music. A graduate of Stanford University (BA Music Composition) and Queen’s University Belfast (MA Composition), he currently studies at the University of Florida with Paul Koonce, James Paul Sain, and Paul Richards. Believing with every fiber of his being in the exploration and development of new ideas, he composes without regard for consistency in medium, duration, form, harmony, rhythm, volume, timbre, expression, or any particular technical/stylistic milieu. He is currently working on a series of tone paeans to his adopted home of Ireland, hovering in the ideological middleground between Ma Vlast and An American in Paris. [website]

Matthew McCabe (PhD ’10)
Assistant Professor, Columbus State University (GA)

Matthew McCabe earned degrees in music from the University of Richmond, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Florida. Trained as a composer, McCabe has focused on electroacoustic music and the creative use of music technology throughout his career. He worked as the music technology specialist at the University of Richmond for two years following graduation, and has served as the technical director for both the Florida and Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festivals. He also serves on the board of the Society of Composers, Inc. as a system administrator and web designer.

More recently, Dr. McCabe has expanded his work to include the study of cognitive neuroscience and music psychology. He is affiliated with the University of Florida’s Cognition and Language Lab under the direction of Dr. Jamie Reilly, and has presented research at conferences hosted by the International Neuropsychological Society and the Society for Music Perception and Cognition.

His compositions can be found on the Centaur and Everglade labels, and his writings have appeared in Computer Music Journal and the Society of Composers, Inc. newsletter. He joined the CSU music faculty in the Fall of 2009 as Visiting Assistant Professor of Audio Technology.[website]

Sarah Hersh (MM ’10)

Sarah Hersh, a transplanted New Yorker currently residing in Gainesville, Florida, composes primarily acoustic new music and enjoys writing for nontraditional ensembles. She is interested in feminist music, unintentional feminism in music, and promoting the music of women composers, as well as advocating for new music in general. She holds a BA in music from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and her Master of Music degree in composition from the University of Florida. Recently Sarah participated in the soundSCAPE New Music Festival in Maccagno, Italy, where her work Gardening in a Jaunty Hat was premiered by the ensemble Duo46. Other groups that have also recently performed her work include the Out of Bounds Ensemble and the University of Florida Saxophone Quartet. Present and former teachers include Paul Richards, Paul Koonce, Phillip Rhodes, Conrad Cummings, Roger Ames, and Scott Miller. [website]

Braxton Sherouse
Suk-Jun Kim
Assistant Professor, Western New Mexico University

Suk-Jun Kim’s music mainly focuses on the sense of places that are fantastic, imaginary, magical, and realistic, in which listeners can visit, stop by, and dwell. Having won several international composition awards and attracted commissions, Kim’s music has been performed worldwide and can be heard on ICMC, IMEB, and SEAMUS labels, and M&R. His research focuses on acousmatic reasoning, imaginal listening, phenomenological approaches to the aesthetics of electroacoustic music, space and place, platial memory and sound, and magical realism in electroacoustic music among others. Kim’s interest in platial memory and sound has also led him to expand his medium to installations. He recently had his first solo exhibition in Berlin, Germany. [website] [email]

Joo Won Park
Assistant Professor at Wayne State University

Joo Won Park wants to make everyday sound beautiful and strange so that every day becomes beautiful and strange. He performs live with toys, consumer electronics, vegetables, and other non-musical objects by digitally processing their sounds. He has studied at Berklee College of Music (B.M.) and University of Florida (M.M. and Ph.D.) and has taught in Oberlin Conservatory, Temple University, Rutgers University Camden, and Community College of Philadelphia before coming to the Wayne State University as an assistant professor of music technology.  Joo Won’s music and writings are available on MIT Press, Parma Recordings, ICMC, Spectrum Press, Visceral Media, SEAMUS, and No Remixes labels. He also directs Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State (EMEWS), an undergraduate ensemble touring multiple states. website

Tim Reed (PhD ’08)
Assistant Professor, Manchester College (IN)

Tim Reed graduated with a B.A. in Creative Music Technologies from LaGrange College in 1999 and subsequently attended the Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts in the Fall of 2000. Tim completed his M.M. in composition/theory at Illinois State University in 2004 and his PhD in composition at the University of Florida in 2008. Tim has received awards in the Goliard Ensemble Composition Competition, the LaGrange Symphony Young Artist Composition Competition, and the 2004 Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo Commission Contest. Tim’s compositions have been performed at various festivals including Music ’04 (Cincinnati Conservatory), the 2005 Nong Project, The Kentucky New Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, SEAMUS and by the string orchestra, R20 in Wroclaw, Poland. His music has also been featured on radio programs including No Pigeonholes, Difficult Listening, Futhernoise Radio and Foldover. In October of 2003, Tim composed a score for the WIP Studios film, Prison-a-Go-Go!, which has received several awards including Best Feature Film in the Backseat Film Festival. His compositions have been published by Trevco Music and by Lonely Whistle. Tim will join the faculty of Manchester College beginning in Fall of 2008. [website]

Stefanie Acevedo (BM ’08)

Stefanie Acevedo (b. 1986) is currently a music theory PhD student at Yale University. She received her bachelor of music degree in composition from UF, where she studied composition under Dr. Paul Koonce, Dr. Paul Basler, and Dr. Paul Richards, trombone under Dr. Arthur Jennings, and carillon under Dr. Laura Ellis. She received a masters degree in music theory from Bowling Green State University, where she completed a thesis on atonal segmentation. Subsequently, she also received a masters degree in psychology, with an emphasis on music cognition, from the University at Buffalo. While at UB, Stefanie studied with Dr. Peter Pfordresher and her thesis focused on metrical and motivic interaction in the perception of tonal patterns. Her current research interests include musical segmentation, form, schema theory, and pedagogical applications of cognitive models.

Robert Chastain (BM ’08)

Robert Chastain (b. 1981), MM San Francisco Conservatory of Music, BM University of Florida, and 2010 Susan and Ford Schumann Fellow to the Aspen Summer Music Festival, began his formal musical training at the age of 17 in the public school system of Pinellas County, Florida. His composition teachers include George Tsontakis, Daniel J. Becker, Paul Richards, James Paul Sain, Paul Koonce, and Paul Basler. He has also presented in masterclasses with John Adams and Libby Larsen.

For news of current commissions, performances, prizes, and honors, please visit []

Julian Peterson (MM ’08)

Is originally from Winslow, Arizona, a small town nestled in the heart of the Painted Deserts of northern Arizona. He attended Arizona State University, where he attained degrees in both saxophone performance and music composition. While there he helped to form the Helios Saxophone Quartet, a nationally recognized chamber ensemble that earned prestige by winning the Gold Medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and taking first place at the Coleman Chamber Music Competition. Julian currently lives in Tampa, Florida and teaches courses on electronic music synthesis at New College of Florida while pursuing a Master’s degree in music composition at the University of Florida. When not composing, he spends his time raising tortoises and trying to recreate the culinary delights of desert home.[website]

Phil Swasey (MM)

A Masters of Music Composition student at the University of Florida, his undergraduate degree is in Digital Music with a minor in classical guitar performance from the University of Central Florida. He is very interested in many things musical, with the main focus being in contemporary composition. Aside from academic music, he is also very interested in modern and traditional folk music. He is currently a graduate assistant for Theory I, and runs one of the sections of the Aural Skills lab. [website]

Kyle Rowan (BM ’07)
Chan Ji Kim (PhD ’06)
Assistant Professor, Brevard Community College (FL)

Chan Ji is now Assistant Professor of Music at the Brevard Community College in Cocoa, FL – Teaching Theory/Comp and Electro Music.[website]

Tom Nelly (BM ’99, MM ’01, PhD ’06)
Yoonjee Kim (MM ’06)
Dr. Sam Hamm (MM ’95, PhD ’05)
Assistant Professor, Rocky Mountain College (MT)

Samuel J. Hamm, Jr. (b.1968) is the first PhD graduate in music composition from the University of Florida, where his dissertation advisor was Dr. James Paul Sain. He spent the 2005-06 academic year as a postdoctoral fellow in music technology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In fall 2006 he joined the faculty of Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, where he is currently serves as Associate Professor of Music, overseeing and teaching the music theory and music history sequences, as well as teaching private lessons in composition, euphonium, and tuba. Dr. Hamm also plays bass in the RMC faculty jazz quintet. He remains active as a composer of acoustic, electroacoustic, and mixed-media music within a variety of genres including concert music, theatre, film, and dance. Sam is spending the summer of 2011 working on two substantial commissions: a large song cycle for the BORG Trio (Carolyn Coefield, soprano, Laurel Linde, clarinet, and Jen Bratz, piano), and a film score for “Theatre over Rice and Beans”, a documentary on the emergence of Hispanic theatre in New York City directed by UF Associate Professor of Theatre Tony Mata. Prior to doctoral study, Sam completed a BM degree in composition from the University of Alabama (1991), where his primary teacher was Harry Phillips, and a MM in composition from the University of Florida (1995), where his primary teacher was John D. White. In addition, Sam studied composition with Cort Lippe at the University of Buffalo between 1998 and 2000. Dr. Hamm served as editor of the bimonthly Newsletter for the Society of Composers, Incorporated (SCI) from 2006 to 2008. He currently serves as Secretary for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the College Music Society, and previously served as chapter Treasurer. Dr. Hamm is affiliated with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). [website]

Mark Quathamer (MM ’04)

Mark Quathamer is a producer and radio host for Classic 89 WUFT fm, and works as a free-lance sound and recording technician in the north-central Florida area. His work for WUFT includes producing Health in a Heartbeat, which airs on many public radio stations throughout the US. He is also an audio editor for a well known segment called Recess, which airs on public radio stations across the Country.

Mark is a regular host of The Night Bridge, a nightly three-hour jazz program on WUFT fm. In October 2005 he became host of Nothin’ But the Blues, which airs on Saturday night. Navigate to the Radio page to view some of his recent play lists.

Mark earned a Master of Music in Music Composition in May 2004, from the University of Florida. Composing in a wide range of styles, his music includes works for large and small ensembles, electronic media and works for performer and live electronics. [website]

Daniel J. Coe (MM ’04)
Gina Wilson (MM)
Jonathan Smith (BM ’04)
Nick Hwang (BA)

Nick Hwang is a composer and sonic artist whose work explores connections in art, technology and interaction. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. Nick earned his PhD in Compositional and Experimental Music & Digital Media at the Louisiana State University. Nick holds a Masters degree in Music Composition from Louisiana State University and B.A. in Theory and Composition from the University of Florida. [website]

Sabi Lofgren (BA ’03)
Paul Still (BM ’03)
Sa Woo Lee (MM)

Holds a B.M. in Engineering from Yonsei University, Korea, and a M.M. in Music Technology from the Korean National University of Arts. Currently, he is pursuing an M.M. in Music Composition at the University of Florida.

Juan-Carlos Martinez (MM)

Colombian Composer born in Bogota, he has a degree in Electronics Engineering. His academic music career was undertaken on his own and supported by his master; the Latinoamerican Composer Blas Emilio Atehortua.

Dr. Ronald K Parks (MM ’92)

Ronald Keith Parks, born in Waynesville, NC, is an active composer of acoustic and electronic music. He has written music for numerous professional ensembles and performers including the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet, the Charlotte Civic Orchestra, NeXT Ens, and many others. Many of his compositions have been selected for inclusion at numerous national and international festivals and conferences including the Malgrat del Mar International Music Festival, the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States Conference, the International Computer Music Conference, the National Flute Association Conference, and numerous performers and composers concerts and recitals throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. [website]

Thomas Judson (MM ’01)

Tohm Judson (b. 1976) received his PhD from the University of Iowa where he studied composition with David Gompper and Lawrence Fritts. He received his MM from the University of Florida where he studied with James Paul Sain, Paul Richards, and Budd Udell. His music has been performed in the UK, France, Italy, the Sudan and throughout the United States, including the SEAMUS National Conference, SCI, Electronic Music Midwest, the Festival of New American Music and was a featured artist at the EMIT festival in Tampa, Florida. [website]

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