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Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio / Overview

The Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio (FEMS) at the University of Florida, directed by Dr. James Paul Sain, is designed to support both composition and research. The primary focus of the facility is in the furtherance of contemporary art music. Courses are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in topics such as the history and literature of electroacoustic music as well as the composition of electroacoustic music using realtime interactive applications, digital audio recording, editing, and sequencing, and the development of musical hardware devices. 

Each semester students and faculty of electroacoustic music host concerts of current music in the genre. The UnBalanced Connection concert series highlights works by students as well as established composers. For seventeen years the School of Music, College of Fine Arts, the Center for the Performing Arts, and the FEMS presented the internationally renowned Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival. Students are encouraged to work on interdisciplinary projects. 

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