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Our program boasts two student organizations: a student chapter of the Society of Composers Inc. (UF-SCI) and the Sonic Computing Organization (.SCO). Both organizations are active in presenting concerts and masterclasses with guest composers and performers, producing annual CDs of student works, and securing travel funding to conferences and festivals. For more information about the organizations' activities, please see the News and Events page or contact one of the officers below:

Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI@UF)

Adviser: Paul Richards
President: Jordan Key
Treasurer: Erick Campos
VP: Brendan Sweeney

Sonic Computing Organization (.SCO)
Adviser: Andrew Babcock
President: Diogo Carvalho
Treasurer: Brendan Sweeney
VP: Vahid Jahandari

Nuclear Music
Adviser: Archie Birkner
President: Emmanuel Danielson
Treasurer: Tabajara Sant'Anna Belo
VP:Vahid Jahandari

Recent guest artists (sponsored by SCI & SCO)
Lei Liang (S'13)
Diagenesis Duo (F'12)
James Mobberley (S'12)
Jeri-Mae Astolfi (S'12)
Mark Applebaum (S'11)
Cerberus Percussion (S '11)
Susan Fancher (S'11)
Piotr Szewczyk (S'10)
Larry Polanski (S'10)
Chaya Czernowin (S'09)

SCI Student Composer CD Series
Our student chapter has released 10 volumes of student composition, which are funded by UF Student Government and distributed free to the public.

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