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Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

The Harn Museum of Dance (HMoD)

Explore galleries set-into-motion as performers respond to photographs, contemporary sculpture, museum gardens, paintings, and prints. Experience performances of contemporary dance, West African, Afro-Brazilian, dance-theatre, and more. Presented in partnership with students and faculty from the UF School of Theatre and Dance and Harn Museum of Art, HMoD merges the worlds of visual art and dance to create a museum experience like no other.

Founded by Joan Frosch and Eric Segal, HMoD began in 2016. Frosch's goal was to create a "dance invasion" of the museum to physically awaken visitors' experience of visual art and invigorate dancers' development of relationship to visual art through presence, performance. 

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