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Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship

Jacaré Brazil

Jacaré Brazil is devoted to Brazil’s rich musical heritage. Founded by Larry Crook in 1990, the ensemble consists of singers, percussionists, guitarists and other instrumentalists. Jacaré Brazil often collaborates with visiting Latin American musicians and gives numerous performances in the surrounding community and beyond exploring both popular music from all parts of Brazil. 

Ensemble membership is open by audition to University of Florida students, Santa Fe College students, and members of the community. No previous experience with Brazilian music is necessary but general musicianship is helpful. 

Jacaré Brazil provides priceless hands-on experience for UF students, yet Jacaré is not isolated within the university. The ensemble regularly attends community-based festivals and special events and provides programs for local public schools in an effort to reach out to young people who otherwise may never encounter Brazilian and Latin-American music and culture. 

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