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Jacaré Brazil

Specializing in the musical traditions of Latin America's largest nation and Led by UF School of Music and Center for Latin American Studies faculty Welson Tremura, Jacaré Brazil (Jock-ah-ray') "Gator Brazil" is a musical ensemble dedicated to Brazil's musically rich heritage representing the most diverse performance ensemble of its kind within a university performing arts program. It comprises four complementary ensemble sections: percussion, vocal, guitar, and instrumental choro. Each semester, specific repertoires combine these sections into unique ensemble groupings featuring guest artists of faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate) from within the School of Music and other units on campus and the wider music community.

Jacaré Brazil provides a unique interpretation of Brazilian music through its usage and mixture of various Brazilian instrumental musical genres and rhythms such as the choro, waltz, maxixe, samba-choro, and bossa-jazz. The distinctive mixing of musical instruments such as the violin, mandolin, saxophone, guitar, pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine), and voices create nostalgic sentiments with colorful and brilliant textures. Its repertoires celebrate and remind us of Brazil's rich music scenario. These unique mixtures of instruments, repertoires, and our arrangement provide new perspectives on the interpretation of the diverse musical territories we explore. For those already familiar with Brazilian music, we hope the rich harmonies, contoured melodies, and syncopated rhythms will evoke feelings of saudade! Guest artists from international arenas frequently perform with the group, fostering a rich and diverse artistic and cultural collaboration environment—a vibrant part of the World Music and Graduate Program in Ethnomusicology at UF.

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