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Bachelor of Arts in Art History (BA)

The B.A. degree program introduces students to the wide range of artistic styles and periods in the western world as well as art of the non-western world, art historical theory and criticism, and research methodology in the field. Critical thinking, research and writing skills are cultivated in this program, which emphasizes visual literacy, an understanding of history as well as the social forces and cultural ideologies that shape and inform different periods and styles.

Master of Arts in Art History (MA)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Art History Minor (Minor)

This 18 credit minor acquaints students with art history from both the Western and Non-Western traditions through our three survey courses: ARH2050, ARH2051, and ARH2500.  Students must also take three 3/4000 ARH courses which allow for more intensive study within a particular region and/or time period.

To get started - be sure to take the three survey courses, and get in touch with the advisor in your college for procedural instructions.

Art History Courses as a Non-Major

We offer several art history courses at the 2000 level for any UF undergraduate student to take.  Check ISIS and the Office of the Registrar's Schedule of Courses for current listings.  Students may also take art history courses at the 3/4000 level if prerequisites are met, or with specific approval of the instructor.

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