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Expand your awareness and understanding of art. Discover how social and cultural changes have had an impact on art over the centuries. Learn to look at and write about art.

The B.A. degree program introduces students to the wide range of artistic styles and periods in the western world as well as art of the non-western world, art historical theory and criticism, and research methodology in the field. Critical thinking, research and writing skills are cultivated in this program, which emphasizes visual literacy, an understanding of history as well as the social forces and cultural ideologies that shape and inform different periods and styles. Five general areas of art history are offered in the curriculum -Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, Modern, and Non-Western. For the B.A., requirements include completion of one course in four of the five areas for the requirements of the degree.

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to move art history majors from a general to more advanced knowledge of the field as they progress through the program. At the upper-division level, majors are required to take at least one course in four of the five general areas offered: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, Modern, and Non-Western. In addition to pursuing more specialized study in a given area of art history, students in these upper division courses will gain an understanding of current research in the field, and of the historiography and methodologies of art history. A seminar in one of the five areas must be taken in the senior year. The senior seminar offers more intensive exploration of the subject area, a greater opportunity for individual research and for student interaction than in the upper division lecture courses.

The Graduate Program in Art History is committed to furthering education through critical methods of interpretation and study. The interdisciplinary curriculum provides the intellectual foundation necessary for developing critical judgment as well as the specialized training needed to conduct advanced scholarly research. Students work closely with faculty in courses, seminars and individual research projects to develop independent thought as well as thorough knowledge of the field and its critical methods.

The Art History program at the University of Florida offers both the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The M.A. is designed for students wishing to pursue the Ph.D. in Art History and for those interested in gallery, museum or other professional positions related to the visual arts. The Ph.D. prepares students for academic and curatorial careers in a range of fields.

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