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The Curatorial Studies certificate program meets the needs of graduate students who wish to add a curatorial component to their current degree in order to better understand the materiality, history, and display of art objects and their collection, as well as to expand their employment options with the additional knowledge of art institutions and professional training from the internship.

The certificate program requires a total of 13 credit hours. The curriculum draws upon existing coursework consisting of three courses (3 credits each) in the School of Art + Art History and one 180-hour internship (4 credits). The courses are: Curatorial Studies Seminar (ARH 6481), Methods of Research and Bibliography (ARH 5816), and an elective, in addition to the Supervised Internship (*ARH 6941). The training in an art institution is key to the certificate program’s success. The required internship enables students to acquire the necessary skills for a curatorial profession, including knowledge of issues and best practices within art institutional contexts; art collection management; collaborative work; as well as institution-based research toward art exhibitions.

* International students on the F1/J1 Visa may not begin the internship until the formal CPT process is initiated and approved by the University of Florida International Center. (Paid and unpaid/volunteer, part-time and full-time, on-campus and off campus all require formal approval.)

The elective is a course in art history or a course related to art in one of the other degree programs offered by the School of Art + Art History or in a supporting discipline (e.g., anthropology, history, film studies).

Currently enrolled UF graduate students in an academic or art-related discipline (art history, anthropology, history, or studio art, for example), with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent are invited to apply.

Though applications are reviewed formally two times a year, November 15 for a spring semester start; and March 15 for a fall semester start, interested students may reach out at any time during the fall and spring semesters to discuss the curriculum and enroll in a course. 

Required Steps for Current UF Students:

1.) Submit Your Admission Packet to Art History, for faculty review.
  • Submit a statement of purpose;
  • Attach a letter of support from your graduate committee chair; where this is not possible, a letter from the graduate advisor of your discipline is acceptable;

  • Include an unofficial transcript;

  • Provide a current resume.

  • Email all to

2.) Complete the University of Florida Formal Certificate Application
  • Currently enrolled UF students, apply here. You are selecting the next semester so this becomes part of your UF degree plan, if approved.
  • You are not selecting the semester you expect to finish the certificate requirements. That is a different step that happens in the future.
  • You do not pay any fee and you will use your GatorLink username and password to apply.
  • Email if you have any questions.
  • Contact your current department after you apply as they will 'refer' the online certificate application to the College of the Arts. Your Graduate Coordinator may not know how to complete this step, but someone who handles admissions for the department will be authorized to complete this step.
  • Please ask that they email so we know it is ready for the online decision.
  • Upon the Art History program's decision, notification will be posted for you to see in the same online certificate application.

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