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Arts Facilitation During COVID-19


Download the Infographic:  Arts Facilitation During COVID-19

We know the arts are a powerful modality for improving well-being! The arts are capable of building community, facilitating joy, and making our world a more meaningful, beautiful place. In times of crisis, the arts have the capability to reduce stress, enhance resilience, and promote health. However, whether you work in a one-on-one setting or at the population level, times of heightened stress and uncertainty require arts facilitators to think intentionally about how their interactions impact the thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences of participants.

When people experience trauma or crisis there is an additional layer of vulnerability that arts facilitators are urged to consider. Choosing art-based activities, topics, and methods that are grounded in best-practices are crucially important.

This infographic is an at-a-glance guide to help artists facilitate safe and effective arts experiences for participants during the time of COVID-19 

For additional insight, view this webinar: Best Practices for Arts Programming During Crisis

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This infographic was created by Amy Bucciarelli, MS, ATR-BC, LMHC, and reviewed by Jenny Lee and Jill Sonke.

Copyright © May 2020. University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine. Permission is granted for the reproduction of this file, with attribution to the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine.

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