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Some artists and other creative individuals go beyond boundaries to create—they explore the edges of discipline, culture, time, place, and expectations, too. Why?  They want to live and participate in the whole world! As they do, they engage with creatives from everywhere. Frankly, that's fun!  Many UF student-artists yearn for a world without boundaries... like University Scholar Kyle Mosler  (BFA Dance 2014). Kyle studied under Germaine Acogny  and Patrick Acogny at Ecole des Sables, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal: read about Kyle's project here. Ashley LeBlanc (BFA Dance 2015), University Scholar, reached across economic boundaries to test whether and how arts "inreach" could fuel educational achievement. Manrique Torrens (BFA Dance 2016) collaborated with CWA Visiting Scholar Yujie Chen to create a dance film entitled CENTER SPHEREAmanda Stambrosky (BFA Dance 2016) served as the inaugural Center for World Arts/Harn Museum choreographer-in-residence; and CWA/Harn CIR's Nicole Assanti (BFA Dance 2016), Ashley LeBlanc (BFA Dance 2015), Andrea Ward (BFA Dance 2017), and Haley Simmons (BFA Dance 2018) followed. Through the award of a UTA by the Center for African Studies, dance majors Denzel Williams (BFA Dance 2018) and Karla Vanessa Narvaez (BFA Dance 2018), will be fully funded as tehy accompany Master Lecturer in African Performing Arts Mohamed DaCosta to Guinea in summer 2017. Denzel and Karla will assist Mohamed as he researches new choreography for AGBEDIDI in Conakry, Guinea summer 2017.

It's EASY to Get Started

All students may enroll in open sections of DAA 2381 World Dance and Intercultural Performance (GEN ED H, N) through the School of Theatre + Dance; Kevin Austin, undergraduate advisor can assist with registration, as needed. Several sections of the course are offered in fall and spring, each with a different focus. For example, in fall 2015 DAA 2381 open sections include YOGA (T,R, Periods 6 - 7, 12:50 PM - 2:45 PM); AFRO-BRAZILIAN DANCE (T,R, Periods 8 - 9, 3:00 PM - 4:55 PM); (ARGENTINE TANGO T,R, Periods 10 - 11, 5:10 PM - 7:05 PM). The WEST AFRICAN section is by permission only and presents the major annual concert of AGBEDIDI on the stage of the Constans Theatre each fall under the direction of Senior Lecturer Mohamed DaCosta (T,R, Periods 8 - 10, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM). Those not already enrolled as dance students are encouraged to audition. Musicians can register for the music section of AGBEDIDI (MUN 2491 World Music Ensemble) by permission of the instructor through the School of Music. Though previous musical experience is helpful, it is not required. DAA 2331 West African Dance and Music is the prerequisite for the West African section of DAA 2381 World Dance and Intercultural Performance. DAA 2331 is offered fall and spring.

CWA Ambassadors

CWA Ambassadors energize the Center's ongoing commitment to link local and global communities through the arts. Through the Ambassador program, UF students engage in learning experiences beyond the "walls" of the university. CWA Ambassadors, such as Karla Narvaez (BFA Dance 2018) ambassador for CWA guest artist Marisol Salinas and Juliana Azoubel, take visiting artists under their wing during their visits to UF—building professional relationships with leaders in the global field of dance or theatre. Other ambassadors perform at community-based festivals and special campus events to support programs for the youngsters of our community who may not otherwise encounter music and dance in their early education. Thanks to our steadfast partners and our terrific CWA Ambassadors, CWA Artists-in-Residence and DAA 2381 faculty uplift public communities through the arts.

CWA/Harn Choreographer-in-Residence Program

The semester-long program is designed to steep the talents of an up-and-coming student-choreographer in the richness and diversity of the collections of UF's celebrated Harn Museum of Art. The selected choreographer "moves" the message of the Harn's exhibitions and special events, creating and presenting dance works for museum goers. During Summer B, the CWA/Harn choreographer-in-residence serves as liaison to the Harn for SWAMP DANCE FEST!. Applications are accepted from SoTD dance majors at the end of spring semester for summer residency; and the beginning of fall semester for fall residency. In fall of 2015, the CWA/Harn Choreographer-in-Residence Ashley Le Blanc participated in planning the new Center for World Arts' initiative at the Harn Museum of Art: "Harn Museum of DANCE." Applications for summer 2017 CWA/Harn Choreographer-in-Residence Program are available here. Contact Dr. Frosch for more information: