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Artist-in-Residence Program

Who you are, is like faith or love. No wonder every now and then, even lovers repeat, “I love you.” Because, sometimes you just don’t know. — Faustin Linyekula

Who is the artist? Sometimes you just don't know until you have a chance to work with them, kick back with them, take class, be in rehearsal and then...begin to understand...from the inside-out...what really matters to them and why she or he creates work the way they do. The Center collaborates with the School of Theatre and Dance, the Center for African Studies, the Center for Latin American Studies, CHiTra, and others, to invite master Artists-in-Residence to work with UF students and our greater community.  We are pleased that two former artists-in-residence, Mohamed DaCosta and Welson Tremura, have become full-time UF faculty; Aboubacar Soumah also currently serves as an Adjunct Lecturer, and Musical Director of AGBEDIDI. Our enduring relationships with many Artists-in-Residence deepen with each return to UF. Finally, we always remember the beloved catalysts who continue to inspire us daily: Godwin Agbeli and Béatrice Kombé

Since 1996, the Center for World Arts has hosted numerous international performing artists, primarily through our distinctive Artists-in-Residence programs and our partnerships with such organizations as the Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium (TACAC). Unique in the United States, CWA programs give students and community members the opportunity to work directly with guest artists who are masters of dance and music and who, with every technique they teach, transmit cultural lessons that deepen the world views of all involved. Central to the University of Florida with outreach to area schools, CWA residencies last from one to fifteen weeks and may culminate in premiere performances of newly commissioned works.

Celebrate Juliana Azoubel, CWA Artist-in Residence

The Center for World Arts regularly welcomes choreographer and performer Juliana Azoubel, professor of dance, Dance Education Program, School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. The CWA and the School of Theatre and Dance have enjoyed a wond friendship with Juliana Azoubel for almost two decades. Juliana is a UF alum (BFA Dance Performance 2001; MALAS 2007) and has guested with us on multiple occasions since 1998. Highlights of Juliana’s visits include lectures and lab classes in World Dance, and Ethnomusicology.

Juliana recently performed in ensemble at the Bo Diddley Community Plaza with Jacaré Brazil, directed by Larry Crook and Welson Tremura, and AGBEDIDI, directed by Mohamed DaCosta. The performance was sponsored by the City of Gainesville and presented free and open to the public.

“Pontos de contato,” Juliana’s performance-research project, explores multiple layers of contemporary Brazilian identities through staged and site-specific performance. The project’s relevance to the current climate in the United States strikes me as profound. Its message of humanity deftly inserts shared delight and warm surprise into quotidian life. As dance and music arise in unexpected places, the project creates co-participants in beauty as it unfolds. As in the United States, many other American communities seek to build bridges of empathy, tolerance, and respect in moments of anxiety and turbulence. I am confident that “Pontos de contato” will seed collaborations between MINAS and UF in the fertile soil of shared human encounter and in the collective will of diverse communities to heal.

We are deeply grateful for the support of the School of Theatre and Dance, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the School of Music in this fall’s research exchange between the Center for World Arts and the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

—Joan Frosch, Director
Center for World Arts

Celebrate Marisol Salinas, CWA Artist-in-Residence

Dance artist, Marisol Salinas, Professor of Dance at the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes, Asuncion, Paraguay works at the border of the performative and the political. She performed her stirring "El Ultimo Aleteo de Andrea/ Andrea's last flutter" at the Harn Museum of Art during her January 2016 residency; and engaged the audience in discussion following the performance. "Andreas's Last Flutter" freshly encounters a tragic moment in Latin American politics, social and cultural history through the magical embodiment of one woman's quest for freedom. Marisol also offered School of Theatre and Dance students workshops on devising dance-theatre work in the contemporary context, and introduced pre-professional graduate and undergraduate students to her creative processes and techniques. Marisol viewed and critiqued selected student devised choreographic and theatrical work, as well. Marisol Salinas is a certified instructor in Open Source Forms and Skinner Releasing Technique. Special thanks to the UF Center for Latin American Studies, School of Theatre and Dance and the Harn Museum of Art for their support of this CWA project!

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-----Center for World Arts Global Artists-in-Residence

Artists-in-Residence: Africa

2014     Faustin Linyekula, Panaibra Gabriel Canda, Jorge Domingos, Eric B. B. Gore
2013     Barakissa Coulibaly, Monge, Lacina Coulibaly, Eric B. B. Gore
2012     Eric B. B. Gore, Samuel Elikem Kwame Nyamuame, Ibrahim Dioubate, Ojotosu Olamina, Fode Moussa Camara,
             Faustin Linyekula, Barakissa Coulibaly
2011      Lacina Coulibaly, Salematu Keita, Fode Moussa Camara, Seny Daffe, Eric B. B. Gore,
             Samuel Elikem Kwame Nyamuame, Aboubacar Camara
2010     Samuel Elikem Kwame Nyamuame, Marietou Camara, Eric B. B. Gore, Fode Moussa Camara,
             Mohamed Lamine Soumah
2009    Samuel Elikem Kwame Nyamuame, Lacina Coulibaly, Duncan Miano Wambugu, Aboubacar Sylla
2007    Abdoulaye Diabate, Cheick Diabate, Tasana Camara & Aboubacar Sylla
2006    Basikolo
2005    Faustin Linyekula; Aboubacar Sylla & Eric B. B. Gore
2004    Lacina Coulibaly, Souelymane Badolo
2003    Salia Ni Seydou
2002    Beatrice Kombe & Tchétché
2001     Beatrice Kombé
2000    Mohamed DaCosta & Lansana Dioubaté
1999     Mamadou Dahoué & Tra-Bi Lizie
1998     Moustapha Bangoura & Aboubacar Sylla
1997     Mohamed DaCosta
1996     Godwin Agbelli
1995     Godwin Agbeli

Artists-in-Residence: Latin America

2012     Juliana Azoubel
2006    (fall) Nation Beat & Jorge Continentino
2006    (spring) Manuel & Pedro Tomás Mateo
2005    Carlos Malta & Pife Muderno
2004    Marco Pereira & Hamilton de Holanda
2003    Frisner Augustin, Erol Josué, & La Troupe Makandal
2002    Joào do Pife & Carlos Malta
2001     Welson Tremura & Julio Cesar de Figueiredo
1996     Olodum

Diversity Artists Program Residencies

2006    Marisa Maza
2006    Nrityagram Dance Ensemble
2005    Faustin Linyekula and Les Studios Kabako
2002    Beatrice Kombe and Tchétché
2002    Pandit Jasraj
2001     Shapiro & Smith Dance
2000    ODC/San Francisco
1999      DanceBrazil
1998      Chuck Davis & the African American Dance Ensemble
1997      Urban Bush Women

Brazilian Music Institute Featured Artists

2011      Marco Pereira & Marcio Bahia
2010     Celso Machado
2009    Fernando Siqueira & Cecilia Lima
2008    Beatriz Malnic & Ulisses Rocha
2007    Diego Figueiredo & Paulo Martelli
2006    Aliéksey Vianna & Jorge Continentino
2005    Nonato Luis & Julio Figueiredo
2004    José Rastelli
2003    Marco Pereira
2002    Mestre Boca
2001     Welson Tremura