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Faciltiating the Research of Global Scholars

The Center for World Arts is committed to connecting local and global communites through the arts and is pleased to welcome international arts research scholars to the University of Florida. Stimulating the development and dissemination of intercultural perspectives in arts research and creative projects, Visiting Scholars are invited to collaborate with partners from throughout the University of Florida and/or local or global partners in the creation of internationally oriented, intercultural projects. Visiting Scholars seek to deepen their research and advance their professional expertise. Likewise, they engage in activities on the UF campus that allow for cultural exchange among UF faculty, staff, and students. The primary purpose of the J-1 exchange visitor program is to foster an exchange of ideas between Americans and foreign nationals and to stimulate international collaborative teaching and research efforts. The exchange promotes interchange, mutual enrichment, and linkages between research and educational institutions in the U.S. and those of other countries. 

Interested international artists and scholars are invited to propose their interest to join with us at the Center for World Arts to conduct creative and/or scholarly research in shared areas of interest. For more information on eligibility, preparation, and visa requirements, please contact Dr. Joan Frosch, Director, Center for World Arts at

Meet Fernando Marques Camargo Ferraz

Fernando Ferraz served as CWA Visiting Scholar August 2015-2016. A Brazilian performer, choreographer, dance teacher, his work investigates African-Brazilian and diasporic patterns of dance. He received his M.F.A in Performing Arts from the Arts Institute at São Paulo State University (UNESP), where he is currently working on his PhD in Afro-Brazilian dance history. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the College of Philosophy, Languages, Literatures, and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP). Since 2010, Fernando Ferraz has taught Afro-Brazilian dance technique at the Arts Institute of São Paulo State University (UNESP). He unites theory and practice in his pedagogy: teaching dance techniques in the reflection of dance dramaturgy and histories. His creative research in dance innovatively fuses Brazilian dance, modern and contemporary dance, and dance theater. His choreography has received awards at major dance festivals in São Paulo and Minas Gerais (Brazil). Fernando Ferraz is a founding member of Grupo Terreiro de Investigações Cênicas, accredited by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq – Brazil), which examines the intersections of Brazilian popular culture and creative processes in contemporary performing arts. His most recent project is "The body of contemporary Black dance: Diaspora and scenic pluralities between Brazil and the United States." He will teach his unique approach to Afro-Brazilian dance in our spring 2016 World Dance sequence (DAA 2381 section 15H0) in UF's School of Theatre and Dance. You can connect with Fernando through his email,

Yujie Chen served as a Visiting Scholar from August 2014-2015, collaborating with choreographer Tiffany Rhynard and teaching T'ai Chi for the first time in the history of the University of Florida. Caro collaborated with Manrique Torrens on the dance film CENTER SPHERE, Jellyfish Heart ProductionsYujie Chen is a Lecturer in the Department of Dance at Southwest University in China where she teaches Chinese Folk Dance, Modern Dance Technique, Dance Appreciation, and Dance History. Yujie Chen earned a B.A. in Dance from the Dance Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, and a M.A. in Dance from Beijing Dance Academy. She had received a Graduate Program Scholarship, Beijing Dance Academy (2008), the First Prize of Chen Style Tai Chi in the Martial Art Tai Chi Competition from Beijing Martial Art Management Centre (2007), the Youth Foundation for Young Scholar from Southwest University (2008), the Academic Research Award from Chongqing Education Committee (2008), the Chinese Government Scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (2014). Yujie Chen’s choreographic work Muye Love Songs won the Recognition Award in the Third Dance Competition of Chongqing (2012), Dream of Embroidery in Miao won the Second Prize in the Fourth Chongqing College Dance Exhibition (2014). 

 "Gina" Weijia Yang  served as a CWA Fellow from August 2013-2014; Gina who studied modern dance and repertory while in residence, and collaborated with Center director Joan Frosch on research into fusions of traditional and contemporary dance. They were invited to present the results of the study, entitled "History is not the past: applying the tools of Hani dance to contemporary modern choreography," at the Global Summit of the World Dance Alliance in Angers, France, July 2014. Gina also collaborated with Dance Alive! National Ballet's Judy Skinner in the creation of a choreography for the premiere performances of Stella Sung's "Red Silk Thread" at the University of Florida.