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The mission of the School of Theatre and Dance shall be to educate and train artists, scholars, and teachers, and to provide for its students a foundation of professionalism and dedication to their art within a climate of diversity, discovery, and risk. It strives to develop in its students and audiences an enduring passion for theatre and dance.

The fundamental purpose and primary responsibility of the School, through its various degree programs, is the education and training of the next generation of artists, scholars, and teachers, enabling them to compete successfully in the professional world. Education and training are inseparable as the School aims for the closest possible union between academic and applied knowledge, theory and practice, experience and reflection, within a thoroughly integrated curriculum that is sensitive both to the practical needs of an ever-changing marketplace and to the intellectual needs of the individual student. Stage and classroom are engaged in constant mutual exchange.

As part of a university, the School understands that it contributes to a larger civilizing project and that the complete artist is the thinking artist who augments the mastery of concrete skills with an acute consciousness of the cultural environments and the broader realm of arts and ideas. Conversely, it provides many UF students with their first exposure to theatre and dance, and nurtures the audiences of the future. To ensure the fusion of education and training, the School promotes close collaboration among the several areas within the School, as well as interdisciplinary cooperation with departments and programs on this and other campuses. The faculty is composed of nationally and internationally recognized practicing artists, teachers, and scholars committed to research and creative activity.

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