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The Nadine McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion (1800 McCarty Drive)

The Nadine McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion, a 46,000-square foot facility, is the home of the college’s School of Theatre and Dance, the renovated 415-seat Constans Theatre and a 200-seat Black Box Theatre. The exquisitely beautiful building features a soaring glass atrium at its center which is surrounded by classrooms; three dance and four acting studios; large scene and costume shops with natural lighting; computer, design, and lighting labs; physical therapy and dressings rooms; and offices for faculty and staff.

Harp of Color

The most striking feature of the Nadine McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion is the three-story atrium that provides natural lighting and an open invitation to all who enter the building. The space is graced with public art created by San Francisco-based artist Shan Shan Sheng. Harp of Color, Sheng's installation in the McGuire Pavilion draws visitors into the space with its colorful glass forms, some of which represent instruments used in the performing arts.


Constans Theatre

Named for H.P. Constans, founder of Florida Players, this 18- by 40-foot flexible apron theatre is used as the mainstage, or primary producing space for the School of Theatre and Dance. It seats 415, was renovated in 2004, and is easily adaptable to meet the school’s production needs.

Black Box Theatre

At 3,600 square feet, the Black Box is an innovative, flexible performance space able to seat an audience of approximately 200. The space is properly equipped with lighting system, sound system, rigging capabilities, draperies, dance floor, and accessibility for scenery and Dance Studios making it useful for a variety of performances.


Dance Studios

The McGuire Pavilion features three dance studios: one premier studio (4,600 square feet) which is converted each semester into the schools dance theatre to highlight the choreography of our Dance Area in the BFA Dance Showcase, as well as two additional studios (2,400 square feet and 1,800 square feet) for dance instruction and rehearsals. These dance studios have sprung floors, mirrors, barres, and are illuminated by cascades of natural light.

Acting Studios

The McGuire Pavilion features the Miles C. Wilken Acting Studio (1,527 square feet), the Stephen Root Acting Studio (980 square feet), and two additional studios (892 and 980 square feet) for instruction and rehearsals. These spaces have shock-absorbing seamless flooring and full acoustical treatment of walls and ceilings.

Costume Studio

The studio is a professional-quality lab for the construction of costumes for the Theatre and Dance program, complete with the latest equipment for design and execution of hundreds of costumes each season.

Dancer Wellness Clinic/Pilates Studio

This studio houses the School's pilot program in dancer wellness in conjunction with UF Sports Medicine.  The studio contains physical therapy equipment including a Stott Pilates Reformer, the major apparatus for the Pilates System. The room has access to ice for injury treatments as well as hydrotherapy equipment.

Scenic Studio

The School's professional, quality scenic studio is a learning laboratory for students in stagecraft and design.  Faculty and staff in technical direction, scenic construction, and properties supervise the building of scenic environments for the School's production season.

Labs and workshops

Design Labs

Two teaching labs serve the scene design, lighting design, costume design, and costume technology programs.

Computer Labs

Students and faculty use two state-of-the-art computer labs for instruction, production design, and theatre and dance research projects.

Light Lab

A state-of-the-art lighting lab for the exploration and teaching of the latest lighting techniques is equipped with the most recent instrumentation and lighting design software available.

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