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Committee Member Requirements

Committee members should be selected from the Graduate Faculty. Adjunct professors and professors holding temporary appointments will need special permission to serve (see below under Special Member).


The following areas require two-member Committees: Composition, Ethnomusicology/Musicology, Conducting, Music Education, Strings, Voice, and Brass areas. The committee chair, from your area, approves the second member from the music faculty who can come from inside or outside of the area of study.

The following areas require three-member Committees: Piano, Percussion, Woodwinds. Organ, Carillon, and Sacred Music.  Two faculty members must be chosen from the respective area and one from outside that area.

Students pursuing a Secondary Concentration must choose a representative from the area of the concentration to be on the committee. For three-member committees, the concentration will be represented by your non-area person.  For two person committees, this member can be your second member if approved by your committee chair, or a third member can be appointed to represent the second concentration.


The University requires a minimum of four members from the graduate faculty – two from the major area of emphasis (one will serve as SC chair); one from other music areas; one from the cognate area.


The University requires a minimum of 4 members from the graduate faculty: two from the major (one to serve as committee chair); one member from another music area; and one member from outside of music

All cognate (minor) areas of 12 credit hours or more must be represented on the Supervisory Committee


If you would like to include a faculty member on your committee who does not have graduate faculty status, you may request that this person be added by special appointment through the Graduate School.

In order to request a special appointment, the following information must be submitted to Dr. Odom:
* Name and UFID of the faculty member
* Faculty CV (in an electronic format)
* A brief statement of support from the Supervisory Committee Chairman. It should address why this person should be included on the committee and what specific contributions they will bring to your work.

What you must do

Seek verbal (or email) confirmation from committee members.

Send Dr. Odom ( the complete list of names; be sure to identify who will serve as the committee Chairman.

This should be completed by the end of your first year of study. 

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