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The Registration Process 
Registration for classes takes place online via the ONE.UF system. New students are required to see their advisor in person for their first-term registration. Subsequently, you can register yourself online, or continue to see your advisor for registration. Be sure, however, that you are taking courses in a sequence that will result in you graduating on time! Several courses have prerequisites, and many are only offered once per year (or less!). You are encouraged to keep in touch with your advisor each semester to make sure you stay on track.  

For New Students 
"Regular" registration takes place on the two days before school begins in the fall. Before the spring and summer terms there is just one day for new student registration. 

For Returning Students 
"Advance" registration begins near the end of each term for the following term. Please try to be fully registered before classes are over. 

Be sure to clear all your holds before seeing your advisor. We cannot register you if you have holds on your record. See ONE.UF for details on how to clear them. 

During the first 5 days of Fall and Spring semesters, and during the first two days of summer sessions, schedule adjustments are allowed without penalty. 

If you are not registered for something by 5:00 pm on the final day of Regular Registration, you will have a $100 late fee applied to your account. Schedule changes which take place after 11:59 pm on the last day of Drop/Add will also incur a $100 late fee. Don't be late. Note: Sometimes your advisor will need to leave campus before the scheduled deadlines. Please plan ahead. 

Critical Dates 
See the Registrar's web site for important dates for Drop/Add, Withdrawal, Fee Payments, Residency Reclassification, holidays, semester begin/end dates, etc.  

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