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Want to join the UF Symphony Orchestra?

The UF Symphony Orchestra meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:55 to 3:50 (Periods 7 & 8) and performs music from the symphonic repertoire in addition to full ballet, musical, and opera productions. The orchestra also tours regularly throughout the state of Florida.

String Auditions for Spring 2020:
Monday, January 6 in rooms 125 & 127 of the Music Building

Violas: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Violins: 12:30 pm –   2:30 pm
Cellos: 2:45 pm –   3:45 pm
Basses: For audition time and date, please, contact Prof. Casseday at by January 4

To schedule an audition on violin, viola, or cello please sign up on the schedule outside room 121 of the music building. Sign-up sheet will be available Wednesday, December 4, 2019. (Basses: For audition time and date, please, contact Prof. Casseday at by January 4.)

All students must download, print, and bring the copies linked below to their audition. 
The use of tablets, e-readers, etc, will not be permitted.

Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion: please contact the School of Music studio teacher for the instrument on which you wish to audition.

Violin audition excerpts

1. Elgar:
Letter L until N

2. Beethoven:
Gloria – Beginning until measure 21
Gloria – Letter F until G
Sanctus – Three measures before C until measure 97

Viola audition excerpts

1. Elgar:
Letter H until two before K
Two before S until four from the end

2. Beethoven:
Gloria – Measure 56 until measure 71
Credo – Upbeat to measure 305 until measure 333

Cello audition excerpts

1. Elgar:
Letter N until O

2. Beethoven:
Credo – Measure 31 until measure 52
Credo – Measure 307 until measure 332

Bass audition excerpts

1. Elgar:
Letter R until the end

2. Beethoven:
Credo – Measure 28 until measure 52
Credo – Measure 291 until measure 307

Download Violin Audition Sheet Music219 kBpdf
Download Viola Audition Sheet Music153 kBpdf
Download Cello Audition Sheet Music2,642 kBpdf
Download Bass Audition Sheet Music133 kBpdf

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