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Arts in Health Research Intensive

Arts in Health Research Intensive | May 13-17, 2024

The Arts in Health Research Intensive is a five-day residential program presented by the Arts Health Early Career Research Network, University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine and University College London in partnership with Snape Maltings' Creative Campus. It provides a rich introduction to the evidence base around the arts in health and the fundamentals of evaluation and research. No research experience is necessary, and scholars at every level are welcome. Please visit this page for more program details. 

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What to Expect

This course is suitable for anyone with a background or interest in the arts, healthcare, community health or social care, and research, and who wishes to learn more about the field and meet others who share their interests. Program participants will:

  • explore the development and scope of the field 
  • learn about psychological, physiological, social and behavioral effects of arts participation on health
  • discover research and evaluation methodologies 
  • discuss practicalities and issues in carrying out research 
  • engage in group-based debates, activities and presentations
  • develop a research plan

Explore the a draft schedule here. Please find full program details here.

Program Faculty

Dr. Daisy Fancourt, University College London, UK; Director, Arts Health Early Career Research Network

Dr. Jill Sonke, Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida

Participant Quotes 

The best thing was the people! Katey, Jill and Daisy, and the amazing delegates - I have been on various work related intensives but have yet to be amongst such an inspiring and generous group of people. The creative sessions to start the day were great and as the course progressed, made you really tap into how even short moments of creativity support your day. 

I have to say that the best part, though, was the opportunity to learn from Daisy and Jill first-hand and in person. The knowledge you gain in that time is not something that can be learned in a published article or online course. It was great being able to see the way they think, and to work through some of my ideas with them directly. It gives me more confidence to do this type of work in the future.

I absolutely LOVE the approach of looking at arts in health through different lenses and disciplines. I think this is crucial for advancing and solidifying the field and am thrilled to see how established researchers go about it.

It was so helpful to have an overview of the history of arts in health and also learn about the differences between Medical & Health Humanities, Clinical Humanities, and Arts in Health.

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